Mustang history verbal essay *need help*

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  1. hey i have a speech class and i have to do an esay. i decided to do it on the shirty of mustangs, and info/sites would be greatly appreicated

  2. the first car ford built called mustang was a show car that was a two seater, used a V4 from the taunus sedan, and a 4 spd trans axle in a mid engine configuration. the next car was a preproduction prototype that was similar in size and shape to the first gen production car, but used a nose reminisent of the 64 tbird. the first production cars were built on march 9th 1964, and were first available on april 17th 1964. on april 16th, ford bought the 9pm slot on all three broadcast channels and ran the mustang commercials simultainiously.
  3. may want to do some research or why the Ford Mustang is popular as it is(pony car).

    Curious, why the subject of the Mustang. Pro/con; Convincing; informative theme?.
  4. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one to do their speech on this subject. Mine was a 5-8min speech with a visual aid, the prof. wouldn't let me gather everone around my 66 in the parking lot, so I did a powerpoint presentation. I'll be happy to send you what I did, (providing that I still have it on my 'puter at home) if you would like. I got an A, so somebody must of enjoyed it. :D
  5. This is an informative essay. so really I am just going to inform them on the different models from 64.5 to the 2005 body.
  6. That would be great. If you still have it can you email it to me [email protected]
  7. hat goes off to cyberjunkie. the information he gave me is amazing. thanks alot syberjunkie! very useful info.

  8. hey, I just do what I can, with what I got.