"Mustang hits curb"(3 times)....what should i check?

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  1. Headed home tonite and i hit/slid into the curb as i was makin a left turn. The right rear blew immediately and i went all over the road. First I ran up on the right side curb, then the left side curb, then spun 180* into the right side curb. The tires were way past worn out, so I should have known it was coming. I've checked everything on the car that I can think of and found 1 bent rim, and two sliced tires. The hood is also slightly out of line, and of course an alignment is definately needed. What else should I check after a "wreck" like that? suspension appears in good shape, as does everything else, but I want to be sure anything that was damaged gets fixed, any suggestions?

    BTW, dont ever buy uniroyal tiger paws...they sucked, I'll be getting BFG's tommorrow
  2. You are damning tires that were worn out. Check your frame rails. If the hood alignment was affected, it could be THAT serious.
  3. ozsum, i think he was trying to say that they sucked because they wore out so fast.

    streetstang67, if the hood is out of alignment there is a good chance that the frame was tweaked. one of the first things i would check is the shock towers to make sure they aren't cracked anywhere especially in the area around the upper control arm mounting points. i had the passenger side cracked on mine about 8 inches from the UCA towrd the top of the tower. good luck and i hope it's not too serious
  4. wouldnt a 4 wheel alignment tell the story a little better????

    was the hood misaligned before the accident????

  5. Bring it to Ford and have them check it out for any steering, wheel, suspension, frame and undercarraige damage. And go back to driving school to learn how to drive properly.
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    jack the car up and do a visial inspection of everything undernieth, id be wanting to take it to someone if you think the hood was actully misaligned due to the accident....

  8. Mustang hits curb"(3 times)....what should i check?

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  9. I didn't mean to offend you. Anybody who hits their car on the curb has to be more careful. I meant no harm by saying what I said. Please don't take what I said the wrong way.

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