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  1. Hey everyone, this is gonna be my first post on here so just bare with me, i just recently picked up a 78 II and i think these things are awesome cars but i'm coming to realize fast that parts are somewhat hard to find nothing like for the fox bodies i'm use to having. i was just wondering if by chance anyone knows where i could find a cowl hood for this car i cant find them anywhere i talked to one member on here already and he told me he used a stock hood and just glassed a cowl onto it.. just wondering if thats gonna be my best bet or if anyone out there actually makes these. any info would be a real help. thanks
  2. Cowl induction hood

    Hey there guy. Ahhhh you have the same problem many other II owners have so don't worry its a common question. LOL I remember the start of my build. Makes me laugh. What you need to do is sink about 40 hours into ur hood in metal/ and bondo/fiberglass work. Its alot of work but when its done you will be impressed my friend. Cut ur hood along the body line where a cowl would normally start raising up. Tack lil peices of metal in and raise it to the proper level/height or look you desire. Once you have the proper height and slope tacked in you will need to fab up a piece of metal that will run along ur hood line to fill the void (making up the sides of ur new cowl hood). now you have raised the entire center portion of ur hood making an all steel cowl induction for a mustang II. This is what I done and several others who like big motors or high rise manifolds with big carbs in the II's. Hood closes really nice now and it looks amazing.
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    I will get plenty of pics of mine out in the II world soon and you can see for urself what I've done. This guy with the yellow and 4.6 in his II had done such a great job I stole his idea and did it to mine.

    Happy fabing brother
  3. No need to fab a tremendous amount... If this is what you want I can tell you how to do it...

  4. cowl

    Yeah I guess it depends what look you want. It all depends on how many body lines you want and how natural you want ur cowl to look. Well and how much time you want to sink into it. Or money for that matter. My cowl look like it came that way from the factory. Looks amazing. Ne other way just looks aftermarket. Which it is. I'd reccomend lifting the entire center section of ur hood but thats just me I guess. If you really want to be slick I'd do a shaker hood on ur II. I looked into it and it woulda costed me to much money for an origanal shaker. I'm sure there are aftermarket ones or heck maybe even a new style shaker scoop would work I don't know. Either way it would take just as much time an effort to do.
  5. i figured cuttin my hood up and doin it the hard way was gonna prolly be my best option just wanted to check thanks alot guys i appreciate it. just wish someone would start makin them for these cars
  6. I have seen where they attach a fiberglass body onto a steel shell on the tube, and the best way to explain would be cut a hole just big enough to slip the air filter thru, that will keep the engine heat away from the filter, grind the steel down to bare metal, shape the scoop to fit nice, pre drill some holes to hold it in place temporarily, use structural epoxy to glue it down to the hood and fire the screws in to hold it in place, after 24 hours of curing, remove screws and start sanding/ filling till all done