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  1. I wasn't to worried about the complete body, but its nice in that means that the body panels and floors for the 69 cars are finally available again- parts have started trickling the last couple of years for my brothers bird, but now he's got the ability to be like the other yeas of Mustang out there, and finish it from any of the major parts places like year one or the paddock...

    now if only more II parts joined that list :rolleyes:
  2. So many IIs have been destroyed, I doubt there will ever be a major parts availability.
    I'm thinking of producing a limited quantity of machined II parts for sale, such as door hinge pins, since I already have the equipment.
  3. exactly my point with the little sarcastic smily up there-but strange thing do happen.
  4. "You still have to dump a lot of $$$ into it to get anywheres near what the original Muscle Cars offered, dang, I'm starting to repeat myself, but I guess it still applies to your above statement. Repeating again, Nothing from then until now could be made to run like them without major mods done to it!"

    You can build a 383 stroker for pocket change, stuff it in a 1981 malibu and run 12's. Or you could build a 347 for pocket change, stuff it in a 82 Mustang for a similar result. You could build a mild 340 0r 360 and stuff it in a Duster also. If you think out side of the domestic box you could buy a low milage
    J-spec KLZE for $1500 (*** spec 2.5l MX6 engine) put it into a MX3 and run mid 13's. Stick a Honda prelude engine in a Civic = mid 13's on the cheap. Buy a Talon or Eclipse and turn up the boost for a cheap mid 13 second ride. Stick a 350 into a S10 or a 302 into a Ranger. Heck you could run a small 75hp nitrous kit on $1450 Sunfire GT and run mid 13's. You really could not buy, build and restore a muscle car for the price of any of the off the wall sugjestions above. To each their own, but Muscle car performance can be found in the back row of used car lots in the "AS-IS" section :D

    I don't and never have driven a Mini Van but you must have one to be able to speak so highly of them . . .

    No Minivan for this guy, but I have driven them. I like wagons. My friend built a wagon I lusted after a few years back. It was a 1985 LTD (mid-size) wagon with a Mustang 5.0l H.O 5spd. It cost $2500 to build with used parts. At the time, It spanked a New Trans-Am Ram air car at the drags. (Trans-Am dude was very, very un-happy) :rlaugh: Mental image: The LTD was very rusty and very dirty with 14" wheels sporting dog dish hub caps.
    LTD ran 13.5
    Trans-Am 13.6

    The parts list:
    -85 LTD wagon
    -88 Mustang 5.0l High output and T5 5 speed from the wrecking yard
    -swap meet Holley 600.
    -swap meet Edelbrock performer manifold
    -swap meet Carter HP electic fuel pump.
    -swap meet Sun tach.
    -3.73 gears and posi from a ranger fitted into the 7.5" rear end.

    Heck, bone stock mid 80's cars were barley making it to the low 16's without spending a fortune.

    A reminder of just a few common sub 15 second 80's cars :D
    Do you remember the 85-93 Mustang 5.0l??
    Do you remember the Iroc-Z 350 TPI?
    Do you remeber the Firebird Formula or Trans Am GTA?
    Do you remember the Omni GLH and GLH-S? (The "S" stands for Shelby)
    Do you remember the Mustang SVO?
    Do you remember the Thunderbird Turbo or Super Coupe?
    Do You remember the Buick T-Type, Grand National and GNX?
    Do you remember the Fiero GT?

    The late 80's Mustang and the Camaro's ran similar times to the 60's cars. Exclude the Boss' , Shelby's and ultra rare stuff. Or I will trump you with Saleen's Calaway's, and Roush's :D

    What a great day! I washed the II, put a new 5.0l H.O engine into my old Mark 7 (My best Friend bought it) and came home to some great bench racing. :D
  5. The best acceleration/dollar ratio is probably achieved with a 460 4bbl truck junkyard motor in an old fox mustang coupe, headers, 10" slicks, traction bars, connectors, and a little spray just to cool the mix. C6- shift kit, 4.10s.
    Cheap. Fast. Just like the old days.
  6. It seems as though with each new post you make you keep adding more and more to the main point of your original post of older Muscle Car guys losing 25 years of something or another and then you get further and further from that original subject :shrug: . . . but either way lets admit one thing, we are both car guys and for you to hammer on me about what I really know and didn't lose and for me to hammer on your beliefs is senseless for the both of us. :nonono: We are all Mustang guys and that is why we are members of Stangnet, right? :nice:

    PS, my bone stock '84 Z28 (mid '80's) wouldn't run better than a 16.98 in the 1/4. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

  7. What about it?

    Around here threads tend to widen in scope, at times threads end up completely unrelated to the original premise.

    For the most part.

    I hear those of us in the II forum are a bit different than those in other forums. We're our own clique, your welcome to join in, don't try changing it.

  8. And able to be built with a basic set of tools, a phone, and credit card.
  9. Windening in scope is different than changing what point you are trying to make.

    Gee, I didn't realize I had to go by a different set of standards to get into your special clique. Maybe if you wouldn't take things so personal you would see I didn't try to change anything here, just trying to stay on the subject as presented in the original post.

  10. I saw a K-Code sell at the Quaker City drag strip auction.

    About the only thing intact were the VIN tags and title. The car had terminal cancer, no fenders, hoods or lids, doors, basically a rotted carcas. No major piece of metal without at least pinholes. Somehow the VINs survived to where they could be patched into another car.

    This rotted POS sold for $5 or $7000. Consensus was the carcas wasn't being bought, the VIN and title was.

  11. Having trouble keeping up?


    Look around, Junior.

    Your not in Kansas anymore.
  12. I know from experience that arguing with children gets you know where therefore I will not reply to your childish posts any further.
  13. Yes. Even the 460-fox swap kit is available by phone; headers, mounts, the whole deal. A monkey with a screwdriver and a crescent wrench could probably do this swap.
    Surprisingly, I've never seen this simple but lethal combo running around on the streets, or at local shows. Weird.
  14. Where may I ask did we get off track? In my opinion we stuck to the track better then any torsion bar bias-ply equiped muscle car ever could :rlaugh:

    Where we began
    -Muscle car guys lost in the 60's
    -Muscle car guys gennerally ignorant to cars built after 1972
    -Muscle cars not the only cars able to be built on a budget to go fast
    -Muscle cars not worth 5 millon $$$$

    We went off on two tangents.
    1.Reproduction muscle car bodies. (I thought the whole topic was cool, so no harm there).

    2.You started my Wagon tangent by calling me a "Minivan Driver". :shrug:

    Hotrodnut did you really expect anyone to agree with you that 70's cars sucked in a 1974-1978 Mustang II forum :shrug:

    If you don't like be scutinized for your opinions, I sugjest you go back to the classic forum or the new Mustang forum or better yet beside your Mustang in a matching lawn chair on a golf course. There you could talk to like minded car guys and spin yarns about the glory days when all cars ran 10's from the factory. (With a proper set of modern tires). :p
  15. .
  16. Talk about childish!

    Yours is only a cheap trick used by children when they try to make others the bad guys, to make others the problem when the problem actually lies within the child playing the cheap trick.

    Face it, Boy, you came in here and layed your dick out to be stepped on. Funny thing is you joined in the walking. Or are you too clueless to realize this?


    Heres a clue: Go back to your sand box and play with your own kind. You aren't old enough to hang in the Mustang II Ranch anyhow. And, BTW, those arent Oh Henries your chewing on. The cat left them.
  17. HotRod, face it, there isn't any way your going to save face in this forum.

    Be really glad none of us follow you back to your own turf. I personally love embarrasing Punks infront of their Homies.

  18. Now come on, he DID cover his ass by writing how 60's muscle cars can still hang together in Vintage Racing, You know, when their competing against cars of their own era.

    Comparing apples to apples is what I thought when I saw this.
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