Mustang II in Ford´s 2005 Commercial!!!

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  1. Hello there!

    At last, I am not disappointed with a Mustang´s timeline, and this time, it came from Ford.

    You guys have probably seen this already, but in case you have not, here it goes.

    Ford released a TV Commercial in US this November, 1st
    (with the V8 "singing" US National Anthem) and, who would guess, you can see a beautiful COBRA II there!!

    In case you have not seen it yet, here you have the contribution from Mustang Club of São Paulo.

    Take care!
  2. That is the greatest thing I've ever seen, Thanks Andre'.
  3. I saw that also when I watched it,had to watch it again(and again) to make sure I wasn't seeing things! :flag: :banana:
  4. Nice. I also loved the Bullitt scene.
  5. Quite possibly the best car commercial of all time! :flag:
    This is amazing........the II is apparently now considered (by Ford) as being part of the "Mustang legend", (in a commercial that promotes "taking a step back into the past" with it's newest Mustang model), without even a reference to ANY Mustang made since the 1976 Cobra II. This ought to give the "purists," Fox, and SN95 owners a case of "Hoof in the Mouth"...for all their years of II bashing. :rlaugh:
  6. OH MY GOD!!! you made my day here at work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEA BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAN I AM HAPPY!!! HEY CAN ANYONE BURN THIS ON DVD WHEN THEY GET IT FROM THE TV? or even a VHS??? I will pay.

    OOOOOOOOOOO and ITS WHITE W/ BLUE STRIPES!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry, i am just a little bit biased on this) YEA MAN!!!!


  7. Ok, just watched it 20 times, no exaggeration! its now a shortcut on my desktop here at work. i will wear the link out.
  8. Jon, not only is it white with blue stripes, but it's a 77 :D.
  9. OOOOOOOOOOOOOO SAL, is it possible you could make my day even better??????? is it a 76 or a 77???? please,please,please give me a good reason that its a 77, you always had a good eye for these things.....tell me, I await with anticipation........ :D :D :D :worship: :worship: :worship:
  10. Check the marker lights. In 76 they had the chrome bezels, 77 has the black plastic :D.

  11. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!! I finally got it before I read your reply. I'm sitting here at work replaying this and wondering how the heck you could tell. I have a plastic cobra in the front and you had the metal but i'm thinking how could he see that? then it dawned on me. OH YEA BABY!, although you already know I really do like the chrome better....Oh WELL, !!!! HORRAY!!!!!! :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
    Thanks guys!!!!!!
  12. Absolutely beautiful! I loved the whole commercial! That is the best thing I have ever seen!
  13. Jon and Sal....

    There is a valid reason to why I stated the car was a '76, as opposed to being a '77, as it now more clearly appears to be. Amidst my excitement of the commercial in itself, I was mainly focusing on the use of the early style Cobra II package (in white and blue no less), that was only available in '76 and '77's, as you are both aware.

    However, perhaps lost on those that don't remember way back when, it was the background image of this car in the cloud of dirt that brought a immediate recollection of a commercial and dealer sales advertising of the time (1976) which featured the Cobra driving in the desert in just this manner. Thus my haste in stating it was a '76, and the fact the Cobra II is most associated with being introduced and produced in that particular year. I would refer those interested to view the pics I had in my mind, by going to the Mustang site, then clicking on "tech center", then "1976", and finally to "Cobra II Sales Folder".
    Clearly, in this shot, the car used is a '76...however, closer inspection indicates that it is also not the same car, as this car has no bumper guards like the one shown in the new commercial!

    My closer inspection of the car in the commercial leads me to believe that while it may actually be a '77 due to what appears to be use of black bezels as Sal stated, may not be a picture that was taken from the old Ford advertising of the same year. Aside from the fact the color of the stripes appears of a different shade and possibly repainted, it seems like the pinstripes are missing (tho hard to tell).... they are also distinctly tapered in the front (unlike the OEM decals) and "seem" missing on the front spoiler altogether!

    I suppose that it's possible too, that the car in this commercial was a stunt car double used the Charlies Angels series, or some other Ford photo shoot in '77. Or perhaps we might be lucky enough to learn, the car used here actually belongs to someone here or on the .net site? In any case, it cannot be denied that this commercial gives the II some legitimate credibilty, to being recognized as part of the Mustang lineage...despite the feelings of those that wish it never existed.
  14. Mike, first of all, you think too much :D .

    Second of all, it's pretty sad that we are all anylizing a 2 second clip for correctness.

    Third of all, we still love to do it :nice: .

    I was able to pause the video in good definition, and get a good look at the car. I definitely think it's a 77. Towards the end of the clip, I can clearly see the pinstripes outside the main stripes. The color of the stripes does seem dark at first, but gets lighter towards the end of the clip, so it looks like the right color. The stripes look like they taper in, but they don't. It's just the film angle of some of the clip. The bumper trim is the black plastic, which appeared in late 76, and all of 77. Most 76s had the stainless trim, and that's what would be shown on a 76 Ford advertising car. Also, the bumper guards were more 77 than 76. I think you could have gotten them on a 76, but honestly I've never seen one with them, and I have seen lots of 77s with them. The other thing I noticed, is that there are no V8 badges, which were on 76s and not 77s (that I've seen). Looking at pics of my 76, you should clearly be able to see the badges from that angle.

    Anyway, that's my 2 cents. Doesn't really matter to me, it's still cool either way. :D
  15. That commercial made me proud to be an American. lol
  16. Sal!

    Of course I think too much! But, at my age, the mental exercise is necessary to prevent lapses of fonder memories of those good old days.

    No... I don't think it's sad we are analyzing the clip for correctness. It's just a minor form of peculiar obsession to the cars we love so much. It's hardly as bizarre as the impulsive behavior of show contestants that feel the need to crawl under a car to scrutinize a factory paint mark, for example. Actually, we aren't really doing that anyway,as I see it. I'd say we are mostly just "adoring" it in greater detail so to speak, to verify that it really is more than a mere figment of our imaginations, that it's there in the commercial in the first place!

    As for correctness...I'm certainly not "concerned" about it. I think it's a great pic that is unmistakable (in all it's glory), linking to the past "performance image" of the most maligned sub model of the Mustang II in Mustang history. I merely wanted to point out my observations (after you pointed out the bezels), because it did get me to thinking alot about that particular car in question in the clip.
    Speaking of correctness...the "purists" would probably argue that it's not "politically correct" to include it in the commercial anway, with the rationale being that it might actually "offend" someone! :bs:

    Even without your latest observations tho, I really had concurred in my last post that the car most likely is a '77. The additional info you just gave, would logically further support your theory too. But, there's one thing that you said that is rather presumptous, despite the fact your factual info in itself may be entirely ;) correct. My question to you is: How do you know the car even IS a V8 anyway? :shrug: ;)
  17. Dayum Mike, you **** slapped me with that one! Very good point indeed! :D

  18. Ah C'mon. Gdubs Reelection shoulda done that for you. :D

    Nevermind. Ill save it for the political forum.

    AWESOME JOB ON THE COMMERCIAL, FORD!!!!! :nice: :hail2: :flag: :flag: :flag: