Mustang II in Ford´s 2005 Commercial!!!

Discussion in '1974 - 1978 Mustang II Talk & Tech' started by estevaf, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. Umm... no
  2. Hello Guys,

    I am happy to see that this is by far the most popular thread i have ever posted!

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  4. Just read these replies guys, yes, i also noticed the black bumper trim. HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD!!! '77 HOLLYWOOD THAT IS!!!! :D :D :D

    Hey estevaf....I passed this on to my mustang club. Great Stuff!!!! I would like to see it on the screen...maybe a monday night football game sometime...OOOO i get excited thinking about it! maybe i'll tape the game tonight...monday night football always has these car commercials.

    I also gotta get a pic with the 77 in the background of this commercial.
  5. I find it much easier on these forums and others that I follow if posters stick to what binds everyone together instead of what splits them apart.

  6. Sal, my 77 came with V8 badges, I'm not sure what you are talking about on this one.
  7. Yeah, now that I think about it, I think it's just 78s that didn't get the V8 badges. Both my 77 Ghias had them.
  8. YUP, YUP. :D My cobra's DOB is 4/77.
  9. My 77 had V8 badges. Now it only has one. :(
  10. thats ok 1badII, they are readily available. Mustangs unlimited has them also besides ebay.

  11. Since you brought it up ...

    Nope, Shrubs reelection made me feel as though I'm living in a nation just over half filled with idiots.

  12. I finally saw the cornfield commercial.

    Like LX said, the newest Mustang in the Anthem commercial is the Cobra? !

    I wonder how the Fox owners feel about that.
  13. Thought on why "no" Fox Bodies


    Giving it some thought and maybe Ford didn't
    include Fox bodies because they were first year
    with square headlights. The new mustang is very
    cool and very retro....

    just a thought
  14. The mustang II, also very cool and classic. :)
  15. Yea, as I figured, Ford put the 2005 mustang commercial on during Monday night football, but damn if they didn't show the cornfield one instead of ours. If anybody sees our commercial out there, please note date and time and let me know. i've been watching the speed channel and they have only shown the corfield one also. just our freakin' luck. this sucks!!!! :notnice: :nonono:
  16. Sweet commercial :flag:
  17. Hey i am a Fox guy and i have had an SN95 also, but I like the old II's not my first choice, but cool. I really like the Cobra II's
  18. Thanks my friend. I appreciate your comment!!! :hail2:
  19. No prob got to give credit where crdit is due. i think if it was not for the II's there might not have been the Fox And I could not deal with that. :D
  20. It was on during almost all of the games on Sunday, but didn't hear it. Saw it a few times while I was down at the sports bar, but it was too noisy in the bar to hear it.