Mustang II in Ford´s 2005 Commercial!!!

Discussion in '1974 - 1978 Mustang II Talk & Tech' started by estevaf, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. why do some of my post not show up?

  2. HEHE, right now they are making an AMC Matador or a Volkswagon "Thing". Not sure yet till after the oil DNA is tested.
  3. Can't blame you, I don't like driving through there. It's madness during the day and insanity at night if you've had more than one beer. THat sort of screws doing the late night music scene in Cleveland.

    261 and 59 are about as bad.

    Stopped by once on the way to someplace else. More of the same, just like any other show. That's another rant.

    Theres a saying here, arguing with a II owner is like mud wrasslen a pig, eventually you come to realize the pig enjoys it. (Who said that first?)

    This forum use to be alot more interesting before the pissants joined. Use to be quite fiery in here but then these twirps joined, they post something dope smack worthy, or they stir the pot like CobraIILover did earlier in the thread, and when they get called on it they go bubbling to the Mods. Boo Hoo.


    My rant earlier? Hell, I've said and written it so many times I could type it in my sleep. Actually, that was one of my more mild rants. As many here can attest.

    Well, for me respect is never automatic for any one or thing.
  4. But the difference is back then the disputes were usually tech related in some way. Nowadays, all you do is insult people to get debates going. It's like you have some kind of disease where you can't have a normal convesation unless you are pissing someone off, and you're just trying to hard to pull people's strings. Maybe you just miss Glenn.

    As for me, I don't go "bubbling" to the mods. I could care less what the mods think of my posts. Nor do I care if the mods take action against you for being such an ass.

    Oh, and as for your earlier post about me not taking "critiquing" well, you've never shown enough intelligence to be in a position to critique anything I do bub.

  5. Let's see, your join date: 2002.

    My join date: 1998.

    You wern't even here "back then".

    You haven't been paying much attention.

    And your going to start being civil when?

    If your going to **** about someones behavior you should at least make an attempt to act better than them.

    Far as my "intelligence" .... you wouldn't understand.

  6. [cracking internet knuckles]
    I believe wart is talking about back before the board changed formats, and when we had like 6-7 of us in here and we would explode into a full fledged war then reconcile (lather,rinse,repeat) way before the MIIk thing and glennie, back before Bernie was driving this short bus

    find /pics -name '*SN*' -user donnavon -print

  7. I think I've been more than civil here on this board. I just tell it like it is. The truth hurts sometimes, but being open and honest about things gets the point across :). And it also makes people like you resort to pathetic replies like the one above, because you really have nothing valid to argue.

    Oh, and I'm not exactly sure what you think you OWNED, but it sure wasn't me :D.
  8. Oh God, 21 posts and no moderator ....

    I was NOT prepared for that trip in the Way Back Machine.

    I forgot Moneymaker was ever here. He's now the big schwantz over at M&M.

  9. Your evil twin skippy posted these?

    Actually, as you want it to be.

    I think my being honest and open is what put the bug up your ass.

    Ignorance is bliss.

  10. That is funny, isn't it?

    We use to get into some real knock down drag outs. Then it would be over.

    Now a child is posting how I would prick my mother ..... How frigging uncalled for. Pretty sick too. I guess he could hae displaced incest fanticy.

    Would like to know exactly what I did to piss him off though.

    Far as me being an ass .... I gave up on hiding that years ago, way before Gore made the Internet.

    And so it goes.
  11. ok, you guys do have a dislike for each other, but try to stop throwing insults

    if you have to, there is an ignore feature
  12. AHH Hell, that is an awesome commercial. Like all of you though, I have not seen that on TV yet, just the cornfield.

  13. I've seen the cornfield commercial on the tube a few times.

    I feel the anthem is much better. But then I've only seen the anthem on the computer and there may be something about being to replay that one section.

  14. subject..

    HEY!! Thanks for getting back on this subject of this thread guys. It would have been a shame to have to close it.

    PLEASE!! if anyone has seen this on the tube, wether it's during a Nascar or Bush race, NFL or all that reality show trash out there, please let me know.

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with public relations at FORD and ask them what happened?

    Does anyone know where Esteav (?) obtained this clip from or where did it originate? is it on any legitimate FORD site somewhere???????????? :( :shrug:
  15. hey, does somone want to post that link again I tried it and doesn't seem to want to work. All this talk, man i want to see it.
  16. I watched it last night. Cool, and the shot is
    very flattering. makes the car look awesome !
    That commercial alone may cause a huge
    change of attitude toward the II
  17. Hi, was it the same as the one posted here??????? WHERE? WHAT NETWORK (what channel)? what time did it air? did you tape it by any chance?????? URRGH, Canada is probably different than our television. We only get the cornfield version :(