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  1. I think i liked the slots better. Still looks good though!

    RoadsterII -- Heck yeah I still remember your project!! And like then, still anticipating its finish! Lots and Lots of attention to detail and suttle cues and changes. Very nice! Now go GET TO WORK!!! :D
  2. I need to find some parts

    Hey... i see alot of you have fixed up your 1977 mustangs, i have a 77 mustang and i want to know where do yall find parts for the cars!! i have looked high and low but still no luck.. any help would be great!!
  3. 1977jroc: you might want to post in both the discussion and parts forums. Other than that, the usual places apply:boneyards, ebay, etc.
  4. Dano, thanks for the last line, you're right but as everyone else, the cash flow hasn't been there. I'm plugging away on the small things though.
    After seeing all the nice IIs on this site (and others) it sure puts a fire under one to "GET TO WORK".
    Here's a picture I did of what I'm hoping the roadster will look somewhat like when done.

  5. and here is mine in a work in progress stage :D 17x8 up front and 17x9 outback with 1" spacers.

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  6. Hi all, newbie here...

    Nice to see such a forum exists!

    Here's my sally. She's pretty much stock except for some engine mods and headers on the 302.

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  7. th_Picture227-1.jpg my 76 coupe 351 windsor ,c4

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  8. my dad and his old pro stocker. i got it out for world of wheels in 2008. it's a time capsule.....

  9. here is mine i just got it .. lots to do but love the car ... 002.jpg
  10. King Riddler, soon to have a complete Maier racing Monroe Handler kit installed.


    And Old Yella, this will be a long term project

  11. heres my 1978 King Cobra

    its all original with 78,000 miles, my plate is 7T8King in Michigan

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  12. update on mine havent been on in a while here it is now


  13. here it is with the new roll pan. tell me what you guys think :nice: 100_1694.jpg
  14. It looks good! :nice:
  15. BestApperaing.jpg


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  16. nice

    well deserved!
  17. Here's my latest restoration at a show in SLC.




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  18. here is my girl IMG00449.jpg :D

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  19. My old II

    Here are some pictures of my II I had in high school. I'm hoping to get back into a II soon.....


    I apologize for the poor quality, scans of pictures from 1989 aren't the best in the world

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