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  2. Very nice looking car, any pics of the motor?
  3. Hey everyone just figured id throw some pictures of my II up on here. i found this one for dirt cheap it didnt run and looked like a completely diferent car when i got it. i've been slowly workin on it for a little while now. just picked it up besauce it was something different and something you dont see everyday so i figured why not. im slowly working my way to doing a 331 stroker but for now its still just a 302 out of an 85 gt. has some junk ported e7's nice carb nice intake and a small e cam with a set of long tubes. its just for cruisin now i guess. eventually wanna do a mini tub, roll pan to get rid of those boat anchor bumpers and a few other things to make it a fun little car.

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  4. Very Nice! I'm usually not a fan of the flat black look but it looks really good on a II. Nice Job!
  5. thanks I appreciate it, im usually not a big flat black person either but i just shot it like this for the time being to hide some body work i still have to do on the car and i actually ended up liking the way it looked. should look nicer when the body work is done and its sittin on some pro star slicks and skinnys
  6. It's been over a year since anyone posted anything in this thread. Sooooo, let the forum noob revive it with a shot of a project that has just begun.


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  7. Looks like a nice start!
  8. Well, she's been gone a few years now, but the 'ol white/green CB II turned up on CL a few days ago. I last saw it a couple years after I sold it in somebody's ad on CL for custom paint.

    Kind of tempted, but seems a bit high pricewise knowing it as well as I do. Some say best to leave the past alone.

    77 Ford Mustang Cobra
  9. I don't have any "good" pictures of mine, but here's some random pictures I've taken of it while working on it lately. They're from ditching the carburetor and installing the MSD Atomic EFI, upgrading the radiator and fan, stripping the factory vinyl and plasti-dipping the roof for now, and of the Intro-Tech Custom AutoShade for the II (Yes, someone still makes something for our cars!)

    IMAG0735[1].jpg IMAG0908[1].jpg IMAG0880[1].jpg IMAG0885[1].jpg IMAG0377[1].jpg IMAG0888[1].jpg
  10. I haven´t been able to really do anything to mine for a while, but here are a couple pics with the wife´s new to her 67 while in the carport.....



    And another that I don´t think I have shared here before. This was taken in 2012 and was the last show that I took it to. Cruise to the Woods in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

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  11. Very nice, on both counts.
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  12. Thanks! They both need some work done to them, but they seem to be pretty photogenic! ;)
  13. 20141019_184718.jpg My 76 before I tore it back apart to redo it all again. restored it when I was 14 was my first car and I am now 23 and redoing it again
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  14. Looks good! Should be a good candidate if you've gone through it before!! You'll have to post up a progress thread and show off your skills! :)
  15. Not a V8 car but hopes to grow up to be one!
    Third registered owner of this 78 with just over 80,000 miles on the clock.
    It spent it's first years in Germany piloted by a Lady Air Force Officer who sold it to another Officer who's grandson sold it to me!
    It sat 6 years in a car port. The only real rust is at the bottom rear of the wells on the quarters. Surface rust on the edges from the paint being buffed too many times!
    The guy had set the motor on fire pouring gas down the carb while it was running! I had to free the engine up as it was slightly ceased but a little Marvel Mystery Oil down the cylinders and a couple tugs on a breaker bar. Hit the key again and it spun over like a top!
    Still needs a new carb, brake booster and water pump.(still need the booster and carb)

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  16. Looks like a solid start!
  17. I don't think I ever added my 74 V6 Ghia and my newly acquired (just last weekend) King Cobra. I have done a ton of work on the 74. Even though I've only owned the King a week, I've been detailing it, fixing things, replaced all door/t-top/hatch seals and added new wheels & tires. I also have 95GT that only goes out for shows or club cruises.
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