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  1. My car doesn't need any of those girls posing on it to look damn good. It's got me.=)
  2. I don't see any shots of you in those pics Megan. I think your slacking lately.

    The nice weather is starting up, when are we gonna see some "good" pics of you with your car? :D :D :D
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  3. haha We'll see about those. I have some new pics of me but this is "post your ride" not "post your pics" lol
  4. Hehe. Feel free to e-mail them to me :D . [email protected] :nice:
  5. Not much new to report here other than traction bars and frame connectors by Stumpy, nearly ten year old paint, and an engine bay that has been done for two years now. The home done header coating is still holding up great.

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  6. One more....

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  7. Thats one clean II. =)
  8. Have II , what did you coat the headers with?
    Ten years, sheesh!
  9. I used POR (this is the brand) aluminium Exhaust manifold coating after a good sandblasting and wipe down appling it with a paint brush. It was around $35 (with shipping) for a small can that was just enough for two headers.
  10. before a three hour drive down to portland for a car show. I cruised down with 13 other newer stangs, and I held my own pretty well. Surprised many of them with the little II.
  11. New II me

    Here is a 78 T-top car. All stock seems to be really straight too.
    V-6 4 speed.

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  12. :drool: Cobra II's, I don't know what it is about them, I think I'm the only 87-93 5.0 owner who loves Cobra II's.
  13. a new pic to whore out to all of you

  14. Fresh pics, taken a couple hours ago, after recent mods:


    I'll get around to finishing my new hood sometime soon, I'm sure. Hah.

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  15. OK Blue Thunder, what did you do to get those tires/wheels under there? Give sizes and offsets please.
  16. I sold my 89 mustang for a II!
  17. I love your car Blue Thunder, but the wheels look too big on a classic style car. I like to see more rubber then rim!
  18. I'm going for handling now, so looks are secondary in this case, but the Cobra wheels grew on me after awhile, and now I actually like them on the car.
    But more importantly, I got all 4 of those wheels with the tires on them, virtually brand new, balanced and all, for $400 from a junkyard.
    I work for the company that auctions off totalled cars for insurance companies, and so I'm also the guy who delivers cars to junkyards after each auction. For this reason, the yards give me very good deals, especially since I go out of my way to take good care of their cars when I'm loading and unloading them.
    Anyway, I think those wheels make the II look even more similar to an '05 than it already does, and I like the look of the '05 Stangs a lot.
  19. You'll probably laugh, but I never even measured the backspacing.. I got them from the junkyard, bolted on some 5-lug conversion rotors, and then bolted the wheels on the car. The wheels hit the inner wells in the back when the car would hit a bump and the rear would lift on either side, so I added longer race studs and 7/16" spacers. The wheels hit the upper arms in the front when I turned, so I modified the upper arms, added longer race studs, and 7/16" spacers. It goes down the road and nothing hits and it steers tighter than stock in a parking lot, so it works.
    Check out my car domain link for details and pics of the upper arm mods.

    I can tell you though, that I did test fit the rear 275/40zr17s on the front, and they also fit without hitting the stock flares, and they still turn plenty tight enough. I'd say the 275/40 17s are about as big as you can possibly fit inside the stock wells and flares.
    My plans are to install 3" steel wheel flares all around, and hopefully, fit 315/40zr17s or perhaps larger on all 4 corners.
  20. So were the 5-lug rotors the direct swap ones or the Granadas? If not the Granadas do you think the extra 1/4" would have kept you from having to modify the upper arm?