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  1. Heres mine....
  2. Those wheels look nice Superd88.
  3. Thanx, Ive got 2 sets of them. Its hard to get those nowadays not curbed to death, Ive had this car over 12 years now....wasted one rim when the studs decided to shear off....
    On another first II was a Ghia looked close to yours, but with a tan vinyl top. Same rims as well...I miss that car alot.
  4. Superd88, Nice car, what kind of a hoodscoop is that? Also what size tires are you running? Thanks and welcome to the II forum!

  5. My car is no ghia, no nasty vinyl top. :puke: hehe
  6. The scoops a one off shaker polished aluminum, Dont know who makes it though. cut the hood tight so it fits right will post pics later. Dont mind the peeling paint ;)

    I have 245/60/15s on here right now front and back.....rubs slightly on turns in front. 1/2 inch spacers are needed and roll da lips in NASCAR style front and back. Rubbing is on body seam where firewall and side apron come together at rear of tire at 3/4 lock, gonna shim my strut rods up 1/4 inch and readjust caster to see if everything clears. Knda be an "altered" then....
  7. Here's a few pics of the Mach after a fresh wash and wax(my digital died sorry for the quality scanned in 35mm's) going in to get the exhaust done in 2 weeks



  8. You're car looks nakie it needs a spoiler.
  9. Cold and Nekkid, it just wants you to come over and warm it up as a nekkid hood ornament ;)

    I do have the front and rear cobra spoilers because I thought the same thing, but am having 2nd thoughts of putting them on. Every II you do see is turned into a Cobra clone, don't see very many of the Mach I's anywhere that are nekkid as the day they were born...
  10. Just put on the rear spoiler and not the front.
  11. thats what i'm tlaking about. coupe isnt as fun as the hatch (i have a coupe also) because there isnt as much exterior things. but it looks a tonne better with that spoiler. what kind of spoiler is that? would it also look good with the front lip in your opinion?

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  12. Well, Im almost ashamed to post these, Like others have said "regressing" is a more fitting word. :p But heres my Baby.

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  13. last one....

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  14. Ofcourse it woud look good with a cobra II front spoiler. :D
  15. Yellow 4.6 II

    Hey there guys. I'm trying to find some pics of that yellow 4.6L II. I want to check out the cowl induction he put on there and find out where he got it and how he went about doing it. Thanks for your time.

  16. It was more than likely custom made.
  17. I want to rig my 2003 mustang gt to have a 'hood ornamant' must like that. Any suggestions?