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  1. Been busy with a truck and the house projects for awhile but here are a couple of recent roadster pics. Nothing much new that you can see with these shots except the front apron and all of the nose. I'm changing the nose piece some though.


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  2. roadsterII, are you going to shim the front grill on the bottom? It seems like it is pointing down? Is that a valance or a front bumper?

    It looks mean! I can't wait until it is finished.

  3. david,
    I'm going to raise the nose about an inch to match the angle of the headlight buckets. I think the center is low also.
    The valance is all sheetmetal, I just haven't ground down the welds on the top of it and primed it all.

  4. My 76 Stang II MPG

    We just recently purchased our 4 cylinder coupe (all original) from a little old lady's family after she passed away. It only has 57,000 orig. miles on it. We had the few dents/bruises fixed on it and put added all the little missing parts. The paint is original-Creme- and the interior is in excellent condition:
    Vicki front side viewx2.jpg

    side back viewx2.jpg
  5. looks brand new!

    Too bad that "little old ladies" didn't buy more Cobra II's, Mach I's, and King Cobra's though! :)
  6. first of all: roadsterII that is awesome!!!!

    second: heres some pics of my II, pre-surgery


    for now, my car is in the shop getting its new 302/AOD installed. only... there are some header issues (im using hedmans... any help would be appreciated :-D)

    anyhow, i used to be regstered here under "future9er24" but i was never able to post. weird. its great to see some more II owners tho!

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  7. I love the car 3 0 II, but why are you going auto?
  8. Nice car dude. IMO, there is no better looking II than a white/blue Cobra II with the aluminum slots. God I miss my 76. :(
  9. Eos- Well mainly because that tranny came attached to my motor in a $200 package lol. Plus I think its kinda cool having a new auto like an AOD in a car much older than the tranny. I don't see many older 'stangs, let alone IIs, with AOD conversions.

    But.... I still have a hankering for running through the gears. Someday my baby will have a T-5 or maybe even a T-56. I just love the fun of driving a car with stick, and with torque lol... Especially since I've been driving the old '98 Mazda beater while I'm waiting for the '76 to come home from the shop (lets hope this time its ACTUALLY finished lol). I miss torque lol

    Power Surge- I agree wholeheartedly. Even when I eventually get that 5 lug conversion, I plan to have some good ole 5 slot mags on there. Best. Wheels. Ever.
  10. The available headers for the II all are based on using the II-specific small bell for the C4. Probably going to have to resort to the OE cast manifolds, or spend some serious coin for a custom handbuilt set of headers.

    How's it going on the trans install? I have heard reports that istalling an AOD required floorpan "adjustment", particularly where the bell meets the case at the cowl/firewall area.
  11. I am going with that custom header (major coin? YOU SAID IT!)

    As for the tranny install, it went relatively smoothly. The firewall/transtunnel needed some help from Mr. Mallet before the AOD could fit in. The X-member needed some mods too (not sure exactly what thought) I think it involved not being placed right to support the AOD. The V6/4Speed MII driveshaft was the perfect length for the swap (what are the odds! lol)

    The car is running and driving, but its just in a muffler shop, getting those pesky headers made. Its supposedly going to be done in a week, but we all know how that goes lol.
  12. If you are able to get any pictures while it is at the mufflershop I'd sure be interested in how the transmission crossmember looks. Is it your old one made to fit or a custom piece? Any pictures of the exhaust system would be great too. Perhaps the guy making the headers will take some.

  13. Well Here it is in all its glory... what do you expect for $100. I'll post some more pics when I start working on it again...
  14. I guess I need more practice posting pictures.... I haven't done this for a while.

    Check out my 'garage' for now...
  15. [​IMG]

    i hope this worked!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Been awhile since I updated:



    All work done by owner.

    This winter I'll be installing a dual-exhaust flamethrower kit and a line-lock, which I received for my birthday. :D

    Go-Fast Mods:
    - 1986 5.0L H.O. Mustang engine
    - custom-ground Delta cam
    - Torrington bearing gear drive
    - Gasket-matched and polished E6 heads
    - Weiand 289 Dual-Quad Tunnel Ram intake
    - Dual Holley 8007 390 cfm vacuum-secondary carbs
    - C4 transmission w/B&M shift kit & 2600 stall
    - Pertronix ignition
    - Custom distributor with 22 deg mechanical advance
    - MSD Blaster II coil
    - Hedman full-length headers with 2.5" cutouts
    - 2.5" exhausts with turbo mufflers
    - Weight Reduction: rear seat delete, aluminum intake, aluminum wheels

    Appearance Mods:
    - John Deere Blitz Black (satin finish) paint
    - gloss white stripes
    - Hilborn-style scoop
    - 235/60 rear and 205/50 front tires on 14" Centerline directionals
    - chopped and channeled '88 LX rear spoiler
    - custom "Jolly Roger" grille
    - Factory T-tops

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  17. :nice: Yours is one of my favorites, for originality.

    Oh right, and that whole "performance" thing too :D

  18. :jaw: :drool: cant speak, too nice:nice:

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  20. joey, lets go get some beer