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  1. 5.0 guy here and i Love the look of the cobras... I want one :drool:
  2. My car is a 1977 Mustang Ghia, factory V8 car, with an auto. I purchased it when I was 16 back in 1996. It's been through countless changes, three engine builds (from the same block!!!) all in the name of being top dog on the street in my little city. The latest engine I built for it is a stroker 302 using a Scat all forged rotating assembly & srp pistons. A mild Crower solid cam (pulls 11 inches of vacuum @ idle), Victor Jr intake manifold, AFR 165 street heads, 850 demon carb, lot of custom made parts from motor mounts to pulleys, I made them all myself. The engine is built tough, with looser piston and ring gaps. What it gives up on the engine due to the looser clearances it makes up for using a shot of N2o. This is a third variant of the engine in my car. It's ran a best 1/8th mile of 7.20 NA, and 6.70 103 using some juice. I hope to get a low 6.6 or high 6.5 out of it. All runs were made in street trim, except for tires. On the street I use Hoosier quick time pro tires out back, the track I use slicks, though I see no traction difference, the switch of tires just makes my street tires last longer. All my runs were made with crappy headman headers, and 2 1/2 inch exhaust. I cruise this thing all the time, with a good cooling system using a griffin radiator, it never gets hot. To help out the street manners out back is a stock 8 inch rear end with 4.11 gears, and a powertrax no slip locker. Most guys run deeper gears for 1/8th mile racing, but I wanted something pretty street friendly.

    Anyhow, some pictures


    Rollbar made and installed by yours truly:

    An Engine shot:

    At the local cruise night, notice the stickers on the window from the drag races... I'm too lazy to take them off!

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  3. Here she is. Currently jacked up - puttin' new 74 pintowagon springs under 'er.

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  4. What mirrors are those? and nice shaved door handles :nice:
  5. to be honest I have no clue about the mirrors. everything that's been done to 'er was done by the previous owner.
    I'm eventually going to put the cobra mirrors and door handles on 'er. - I'm goin 70s hotrod as a tribute to my dad and the shaved handles don't really fit my style ideas - plus dude took the locks off too so it's not lockable which can get annoying.
  6. Let us know how the Pinto spring swap goes, I'm looking at doing this to my car in the spring.
  7. its been a while since i posted anything, so i figured i would post a couple new pics of the cobra. these were shortly after i finally got it running this past summer. i hope the link works....

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  8. :nice: Beautiful II
  9. Only one trip? LOL (Your more carefull then me):rlaugh:

  10. I hated these cars when they were new because they were such a departure from the earlier Mustangs, but looking back now, they were not bad looking cars and the ones I see here are really cool. Great job!
  11. I just noticed mine's not in here....:scratch:

    Here's pics of it before it got ran into and then clobbered by an autoshade the following winter. :mad:

  12. Nice II Dano, I always liked your yellow coupe too:D
  13. 1977 Mustang II

    Here is mine: Purchased in July of 2007, for $1800.00 this stock 77 302 automatic Mustang II was in very good condition and a show winner, but was just too plain. As with all my cars I do all the customizing myself on a VERY TIGHT budget, t.g. for E Bay. Believe it or not, all add ons (spoilers, scoops,vents and louvers) are painted using color matched & mixed rattle cans. The secret is time spent on prep. This has saved me $$$$$ to spend on all the other add ons. All stripes are custom designed by me and a friend on computer and transfered to a viynl cutter, then applied.

  14. Awesome car :nice: :nice:
  15. heres mine, this car has been in my family for a while, when i got it, it has 60k origanal miles.......and a rod knock.....

    i pulled the engine, went .030 over, forged speed pro 9:1 pistons, i used the stock crank because a little short on money, i put in a high volume oil pump, a razor cam from hi-tech performance, edlbrock performer intake, edlebrock #1405 carb, 7:1 ford racing rockers, and a few other goodies, its a project so it still has alot needed, i plan on gt-40 heads, a RPM air gap, holley 650cfm vacum secondary carb, mallory unilite and a msd 6al.........take a look thanks

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  16. hey!, i have talked to you a few times on the II network

    but i was wondering where you got those wheels, and what size are they?...and the tires?

    haha thanks!