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    Same car, new garage. Yay, I have a shop. Next week comes the once-in-a-lifetime tool splurge.
  2. Here is a recent pic of my '78...

  3. dude for real!, that pic makes me want to go find a coupe!

    nice work:nice:
  4. Ok, I would like to post some pictures of my 78 KC but cannot fuigure out how to. Can someone please help??

  5. Nice. Those look like AR Torqlite wheels (same as my car, not shown in my pic). What size wheels and tires?
  6. Just a couple of more recent pictures to add. This was at the 4th Street Cruise in Waterloo over Memorial Day Weekend. First "show" for it. I dropped the rear end since the last pictures I posted, and I am thinking of dropping it a little more to get rid of the fender/wheel gap.
  7. Rolled mine out of Dad's garage for the first time since 1990. I didn't know what would happen when the sun hit it so I figured I'd take a couple of pics before it burst into flames or something.

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  8. I love those big billboard striped Cobra II's
  9. The Ghia with fresh paint and a new top.


    The 2+2

  10. Not fond of Ghia's but the the new top, paint and wheels really set it off, looks GREAT
  11. Hi, from Spain,

    I have a very nice ford mustang ii 1977 with v6 engine and tire 185/70/sr13 , anything could help me and wich tire maximum could i have. I´m sorry my English is very poor. Thanks.
  12. Didya ever get your hood? whered ya locate that at?
  13. Man All these great looking II's Make me want to get back on my 78 Mach 1. I loved that car Just had some things come up so Now After I get the finishing touches on the 66 and get the 98 back together It'll be time to go all out on restoring my baby. My oldest car I got it back in 1995. My 1st Car was a II and I owned 2 other II's. I'll try to add a Pick of the way it is now. (Not pretty at all currently)
  14. Here's mine.
  15. :nice: Me Likey!! :drool:
    A couple shots of mine again from earlier this summer...



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