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  1. I have a 1978 mustang II red t-top parts. I found it in a barn and has little to no rust. The front quarter panels have no rust with lights in them, the one door has a little 50 cent size surface rust, not deep into the metal. Thay also have the windows in them and a mirror on one. The rear quarter panels have no rust on them. the steering wheel has the 3 chrome spokes with the holes in them. The dash with the gauge cluster is still in there. The front seats have a little tear in them. It is a hatch back with the window in it. all glass is in the car except the t-tops.the v-6 is seized up but the manual tranny is still workable. new engine mounts. all lights are in it. the front grill is in great shape with everything in it including lights. I have three drive shafts but i'm not sure which one is which. the front bumper is in rough shape though. All other stuff is on the car that i haven't mentioned. The panels are not in the inside of the car anymore.
    If you want anything let me know.
  2. where are you located?
  3. :(
  4. i'm located in Wisconsin
  5. what trany is in the car?
  6. I need drivers side fender
  7. Ive got any part thats needed just about for the 74 to 78 mustangII except rear Bumpers and pass side fenders you need anything calll me 1 313 570 7842 ask for Dave
  8. cargo panels? what color is the interior? does it have a "general" spare tire in it?
  9. I have a 76 MII and I need front fenders in good shape and rear bumper in good shape. Do you have these and hoe much?
  10. I need the battery hold-down assembly if you have it. What do you want for it?
  11. I need a good rust free hatch. I am in NC
  12. I am looking for a rear spoiler in good shape, that would include the two quarter panel pieces and main piece on the HB. If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate a price and photo.
  13. i need a right rear quarter panel for a hatch back
  14. windshield trim

    hey friend. im out in the boonies of nebraska on the midwestern front. and i recently purchased a 1976 MII coupe hardtop to restore. its been a real challenging build down to to the doorhinges, but of all the god forsaken things i could not get a hold of out here is some windshield trim. its the chrome looking material outside of the front windshield. that is about all im waiting on and i would appreciate some help. email me at [email protected] to work out a deal. tell me a price (if any) and where you are located so we can work out a plan. there are a few other items that i am interested in having... dash gauge plate cover, dash top, rear dash, and backseat and both front seats if possible, also, the front air dam under the bumper got torn off and i could use another. go ahead and give me some prices asap.
    Much obliged friend,
    MII Restorer
  15. Parts

    I need the hardware for the T-tops. Specifically, the parts that the T's latch on to on the body. Any help?

    [email protected]
  16. I bought A front spoiler for my 78, but mine has no valance. so i need one. what condition is the valance on that doner car of yours?
  17. i wouldn't mind that chrome trim if he doesnt end up needing it. and if its in good condition
  18. how is the rear bumper along with the back braces?
  19. I need rear spring perches that mount the rear sway bar; also interested in your steering wheel
  20. I need a fuel tank sending unit. Anyone know if this is the same as on a 75 v8 car?
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