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Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by laneyboy6933, May 11, 2005.

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  1. Hey Im looking for a complete mustang II front suspension setup for my 68 Fastback. How much would you like for it? I would be willing to pay for All shipping.


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  3. hello im from wisconsin and i need a hood scoop and a battery box for my 78 mustang II
  4. Finding a good used battery box section is gonna be really tough. Even the west coast cars have fallen victim to bad rust in these areas. You may have to get creative and just weld/patch it iup as best as you can or keep on the hunt. There are a few II's out there that have good battery box areas.

    Now for the hood scoop, i see them every now and again on E-Bay but Mustangs Unlimited carries reproduction bolt-on units for our cars. This scoop is actually intended for the 76-77 cars as the '78s were mounted backwards like a cowl. Not 100% sure if you can turn the 76-77 scoop backwards, never tried it. I think the '78 is designed to be backwards and the 76-77 is not.
    Mustangs Unlimited Select the 74-09 catalog on the LH side of the main page, select body, and then select hood scoops

    They also carry quite a lot of other parts and pieces for the II's aswell. Seems to get more and more with every year that goes by. Hope this helps.:nice:
  5. The scoop is the same for '78, you can turn it around no problem. I did!
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