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  1. Do you know why they're called "fast backs"? Aerodynamically, the fast back is faster than a notch back. This is why Chevrolet changed the Monte Carlo coupe to a "fast back". Bill Elloitt in his fast back T Bird was crushing the Monte Carlos. Back then you had to run what the factory built in NASCAR. Chevy was getting their butts kicked at the super speedways so they had to change the shape of the roof and back deck to become competitive.

    That's why Shelby used the fast back cars. Given every other part is identical, a fast back will go faster than a notch back.
  2. I had 3 different 76, 77 Cobra II's all V8's I miss those cars very much
  3. I would conjecture that the single, by far, biggest problem was the HP. If it had come out with a 400 HP option I guarantee it would be in the record books as one of the favorites of all time. Horsepower, not name, nor looks, gave it the bad rap.
  4. not so much. Put 400 HP in one right now, color it perfect, and see how many people jump at the opportunity to own it. More than likely only II owners that are going to jump at it.
  5. I'd buy it lol
  6. Maybe, maybe not. I have at least 1 offer a year on mine...
  7. ^ This... clean SN95 GTs are still selling for damn good money despite the horribly weak stock power output of 215-225 hp. Why? because generally looks sell more than power.

    This is exactly why the Mustangs have continued to sell well while the Camaro, Firebird, and GTO all struggled to compete and ultimately ended production. The new Camaro is another attempt by GM to compete with the Mustang and they're still losing. GM no longer has a power advantage, the only advantage is the IRS which isn't saying much considering how wonderful Ford has managed to execute the SRA in the new Mustangs.
  8. I didn't say there wasn't a market, just likely its someone who was already into the II's to begin with. The car, regardless of power output, doesn't and wont develop a large following.
  9. Like I said, maybe, maybe not. I don't know all of these people's histories, so I can't say for sure. But it does draw a crowd at local shows because it is unique. Usually, it is the only II there. Sure, it wasn't and will probably never be as popular as other Mustangs, but sales figures show it was popular at the time. Now, if the II wasn't in the name, and horsepower numbers didn't plummet (like all 70s cars did), then maybe it would have more respect. But, the world will never know because that wasn't the case. Besides, in the scheme of things on a Mustang site, with nothing but Mustang fans, what is the point of arguing about it? I like all Mustangs regardless of year, engine or horsepower. I would like to think that most Mustang fans can at least appreciate all styles of Mustangs regardless of which one it is.

  10. :scratch: who's arguing?
  11. My apologies, we II owners almost always have our guard up I suppose. :cheers:
  12. :nice: