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Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by bstang71, Feb 13, 2008.

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  1. I have in stock, Urethane rebuild kits for the 74-78 Mustang V8 Motor mounts. If your mounts are seperated,or just falling apart you already know how hard it is to find replacement mounts, and how expensive it is to but any kind of used mounts.
    These kits use the steel parts of your exsisting mounts,and replace the worn or deteriorated ruber with new urethane. The replacement urethane has been measure to have the correct hardness as the original rubber. You get everything you need to rebuild 1 pair of mounts,including detailed instructions,and basic hand tools is all that is required to do the job.
    If you are looking to do a V8 engine swap into your II I can also provide you with a complete rebuilt pair of mounts. This is a original set of MII V8 mounts already rebuilt with my urethane kits. These are in limited supply.
    If you are interested email me at [email protected]
  2. Do you have any pics you can share with us of what these kits look like and possibly a finished product?

    I've got about 2 or 3 sets of bad II V8 mounts, and certainly would be interested.
  3. I'm definitely interested also and would like to see some pics.
  4. Currently the only pictures I have are of a complete rebuilt set. These were the original prototypes. The harware on the originals has been replaced. I dont have any pictures of the rebuid kits by themselves. I only recently bought 12 sets of V8 mount cores,and when I get a set ready I will update the pictures. I would be happy to foward the pictures I have of the original sets. If you email me I will send them to your email addresses, I do not know how to post pictures here,and I am not puter literate enought to learn. :) Dano,Sorry for the delayed reply,but I dont get onto the site as much as I would like, and I spend more time responding on email. Email me at the above address,and I will get some pictures off to you both.

    Thanks for the interest.
  5. Timok,
    I sent you a couple of emails with pictures,and they both got returned. Not sure what the problem is,but if you want to email me from your email address at [email protected] I will send you the pictures you asked about.
    We are also going to be doing a run of red ,and yellow urethane for the rebuild kits. If you are interested in a either color let me know.
  6. How much are the kits?

    I recently had a set rebuilt at a local shop. Cost me a fortune, but they're beautiful...
  7. I have a set currently on ebay. They are listed for 119.00, buy it now 120.00 plus shipping. There are also before and after pics of the mounts. The price on these will go down once I get a better price due to volume from my suppliers.
    We also have Red and Yellow urethane available for the kits as well.
  8. I have negotiated a better price for the urethane,and the hardware from my suppliers. Due to the increased volume of my orders,the overall cost of the kits has been reduced. The price of a rebuild kit is $100.00 plus the actual shipping.
    If you check out ebay I have the kits on there at the original price. There are pictures of a set of mounts before the rebuild,and the finished results.

  9. some one should make some solids............:shrug:

    just throwing that out there:D
  10. Ever driven a street car with solid mounts? Rattles your teeth man...

    Waitin to get the tax return back then i want to get a repair kit, got a spare set that are in dire need of repair...:rolleyes:
  11. I will have lots in stock when you need them. They are also listed on ebay if you are more comfortable dealing through them.:nice:
  12. just wondering if these rebuilds kit were still available tried to send an email but it said it failed and the ebay link wouldnt work for me. i cant find a rebuild or new mounts for my 78 to save my life.
  13. I am looking for a set of used or abused motor mounts and the correct frame mounts also...LMK, you can reach me [email protected] im not Natalie, But she does Love muscle cars
  14. Hi i have a 1978 ford mustag ll hard top. I can barely find any parts to replace correctly but the most important parts i need now is the engine & frame mounts for the v8 i have. Can someone please help by sending me picts. And possibly make me a deal?
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