Mustang LED Parking Light Installation 1965-1973

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  1. Mustang LED Park/Turn Bulb Kit Amber Billet 1965-1973 | CJ Pony Parts

    LED lighting replacement bulbs are popular in any Mustang restoration or modification. The LED Parking/Turn Signal Light is a machined/billet bulb housing that gives a super clean look and ultimate lighting power with 6 watts.*

    The ultra-cool billet heat-sink allows these new bulbs to run high power producing more light and even longer life. The unique custom LED design and configuration packs more light power in an 1157 bulb than any other on the market. These bulbs glow amber so use a clear lens for maximum impact. Special circuitry is used to enable use on classic cars. Auto-parts store LEDs don't work or compare in brightness.

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