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  1. i am in search for the rear window louver for an 77 fast back NOT FROM EBAY!!!
  2. i am looking for some of these myself, but the ones in jcwhitney i have seen on a newer stang, pretty sure they are the same style/setup and they look super ghey! :notnice: so fake and plasticky i say dont get these and just wait for a nice set to pop up on ebay. just my .02 though
  3. I'm having Jake over at make a new set of factory-style 78 aluminum louvers ... any interest in having him do a batch for us II fans? They look just like originals but use stronger spines and lighter shades. I can show you pics if anybody's looking to have him make a repro set.
  4. How much?
  5. dmann253, that is the spoiler I have... it works great and easily swings up so you can clean the rear window. Also it is made out of aluminum and not plastic.

  6. Yeah I second that, how much are we looking at per set?
  7. Guys, the louvers set that I'm having made look just like factory and fit 74-78 hatchbacks. They are 1/3 less weight, as the aluminum is changed from #6061 to #5052 on the center strip spines and changed from #6061 to #3003 on the slats (but using the original design and shape). Both of these new materials flex further before breaking, allowing the aluminum louvers to give a little. Hopefully this will solve all the current breakage problems most OEM ones have on the spines.

    Jake at has sent the prototype over to be painted and assembled by Dallas Mustang, to whom he has given the manufacturing rights and tooling costs. Having just a few made each will cost us (very rough estimate) 329.95 a set. If we can get a group buy with 50 units or more, price drops to 260.99.

    If you like, I'll post pics.
  8. does he make any for a 78 II
    Thanks Rob
  9. 78Venom, Please post pics, I may be interested for my '78CobraII. Are they exact replicas?
  10. OK, boys, here it goes. I'll try to attach this pic of my set (unfinished here) that Jake at is making for me. Yes, they are an exact fit for 76-78 but you need the factory hardware ... let me know if anybody wants more info on em.

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  11. WOW Those ARE nice! :nice: :nice: The pisser is that I have a factory decklid for the louvers but all the original mounting hardware is long gone except for the screws themselves... they were left in the lid. :( Is the factory hardware hard to get ahold of?
  12. Resurrecting an old thread = Louvers

    What became of this prototype?
    Also, I had a 78 Cobra back in1980 and it had aluminum louvers that just slipped under the window trim for mounting. With the top bar having hinges and the two side bars having plastic locks. Does anyone have this type now? If so what was the maker? I like the look of them more than the ones that fit over the window trim. I am looking for a set for my new 78 hatch.

  13. Hi, I think MAS had/has louvers listed for the II in alumium and abs. In the add pic it kind of looks like a II body with the louvers


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  14. This sounds like the set I just picked up off Cragislist. I'll have to look to see who the manufacturer is.

    Anybody know how to unbend a bent louver? My middle one is bowed up so that it nearly touches the one above it.

    - J.
  15. 393Boss: Yeah that looks like the ones.
    I don't see a website address though.
    Have you seen these? I live in Calagry and we don't have MAS racing, I will take a copy of your post to my local speedshop though. Thanks. :nice:

    Joeythesaint: As far as the bent one goes... I had a little rubberized button on the bottom of each one, so that they all touched the glass at the same height. Maybe you canstick one on each louver bend the one that is wrong down and the glass will shape them as needed. You can buy those little rubber buttons at any hardware store.
  16. Nope, they dont have a web site (they are all old school guys there lol). I buy direct from them (I am from calgary too). These ones sit inside the window trim. I don't think there is anyone here in town that deals with MAS. I have had no problems with ordering from them and best of all they will send stuff u.s. parcel post.
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