mustang louvers

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  1. Oh, I probably drive by your place all the time. :D
  2. I called MAS and they only have the ABS ones. They were $149 I think and were the style as shown in the flyer, under the window trim and hinged on top.
    Seemed like a good deal and I will probably pick some up when I get closer to the end of the mini-resto. But I would still prefer aluminum if someone finds a supplier.
    Good luck.
  3. I have a set of rear window louvers made of some kinda metal, maybe aluminum but they seem kinda heavy, at least a few pounds.

    I took them off a while ago because they were a pain in the ass. Broke my latch lifts right off with the extra weight. And I had to rivet them on into the metal above the glass because they're hinged to lift for cleaning purposes. Didn't like that. Would be better if the whole thing clipped in and could be lifted away somehow rather than a hinge. I had to patch the holes when I took em off. Also, the lower mounting hardware is absent. I ended up using a couple of plain black cabinet latches. Wish I knew what the latches are supposed to look like. That's another reason I took em off - didn't look authentic with that kinda rubber band solution.

    If you want them let me know.

    I'll try to take a pic this afternoon when I go home for lunch.

    Hey guys, I talked with the guy who runs back in August of 05 (when I ordered my King air dam). He told me that he has aluminum louvers for the II's and if I am not mistaken, the price was around 250.00 u.s. HOWEVER! I am not currently recommending this place since I ordered my air dam the end of is currently February 11, and I have not received squat. Some problem with the mold he says. We'll see.
  5. hanks guys.
    Cool wheels, now that you mention it I do remember that they were quite heavy. :rlaugh: I think I use the term aluminum incorrectly.
    Either way I would be interested if you could shoot some pics.
    WRAITHII thanks for the heads up. :nice:
  6. Does CRAGAR still make them for the II? I know they are on my car, I don't know what's on my Dad's II, but they're an aluminum design that seems to hold up well, but rattles a little bit.

    Reference Dfortuna, I ordered the floorpans from him and he ships quick and gives e-mail notifications of tracking numbers. So, I'd give him a thumbs up
  7. Totally slipped my mind. Guess that's what happens when you surf at work :rolleyes: I'll give it another whirl on Tuesday.
  8. I'm thinking seriously about ordering a set of the aluminum ones from $225 shipped, you can't beat it! :D
  9. That's the ones. :hail2:
    I'll wait to hear back from Cool Wheels, but let me know if you order those and if they still have stock. :nice:
    I know that I called MAS and they no longer had the aluminum even thought it was still in their flyer.
    "edit for new info"
    Now I am really confused. Spoilers for less can get them, from their supplier in Canada. The price includes shipping and duties. I am in Canada and can't find a source. The operator said I could request direct shipping from the source (Canada to Canada) but would still have to pay the duty which is included in the price.
  10. How much is the duty? That deal is hard to beat at $225, ever priced the factory ones on epay? :jaw: