Mustang Magazine

Discussion in '1965 - 1973 Classic Mustangs -General/Talk-' started by Islandboy33, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Just curious if anyone here has subscribed to Mustang Magazine? I paid for a subscription 5 months ago and have yet to receive any issue. Multiple emails have been sent with no response. Wanted to see if it's a simple mistake or if others are having the same "issues".
  2. I renewed back in july, just recieved my first one a couple days ago. Who are you emailing?
  3. It's not a monthly magazine, like most. I haven't quite figured out the schedule(if it's quarterly), or if they just publish when they have the material.
  4. Shortly after I posted this and after multiple emails I received a priority envelope with 3 issues. I sent all my emails to the only contact on the site, Jason. Never received any response but at least I finally received some issues. I got issues #15, 16 and 17. Hopefully I'm now on the track to receive them regularly.