Mustang makes top three list of most hated cars on BMW M3 forum...

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  1. Yeah but notice who is number one.
  2. "oh boo - i didnt see that list - down with the MARUDER!"

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  3. Funny thing is that the moderator over there supposedly hates Mustangs but he does not hate them enough to not come to stangnet and steal my old avatar.

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  4. anyone find it disturbing that he only runs a 12.1 quarter mile with 416rwhp? (thats about 490 or more at the flywheel) And his car weighs less than a mustang gt? I think a current gt with that much power would easily be a mid to high 11 car. ***** driver maybe?
  5. :rlaugh:
  6. Hmm i would have thought ricers would be the most hated
  7. From

    I have serious issues with most of the American cars simply because of the engineering process behind them. I just don't respect cars that are built like crap and then have a V-8 with 40 year old technology thrown in them to try and make them fast. It's just not my thing I guess. The leather is basically leatherette, they creak like crazy, the suspensions are pretty much garbage, the cars are not engineered in all areas to cooperate with each other etc.. I could go on and on. The only car to make real progress in this area is the Corvette as it offers pretty true performance. But the build quality is still not there at all (despite the hype over the C6, I've been in them and they still aren't even close to the Europeans. It's better than the C5 but that's not saying much).

    And yes I realize that they offer more bang for the buck than most cars out there (which is important to a lot of people). But I still prefer the whole package of speed, handling, build quality, and class.

    Again, these are all personal preferences. I'm not out to start an argument.

    Hey EXCON, I think I found out your secret Identity.....Porshapwr at M-3 :rlaugh:
  8. I've owned a couple of 3 Series BMWs.

    Believe me, those cars aren't built or engineered nearly as well as BMW purports.

    If most BMW owners were to be totally honest, their ownership experiences would probably fall someplace in the "well, I knew that buying a BMW was going to mean making more trips to dealer service depts".

    I'd put the Mustang's build quality up against BMW's any day.

    I actually had trim pieces fall off of my most recent 3 Series driving home from the dealer's showroom (where I drove the car off the floor).
  9. If you look at who has responded on that thread you will see alot of M3 Rice guys. Rich young kids who don't know very much. I do tend to agree with some of whats posted on that thread however. For example with regards to technology, Subaru can EASILY get 300HP with 4 cylinders!! Can you imagine what Ford could do if they used their powers for good, like high end technology, instead of EVIL, like Skanker Stereo, Rubber Leather, Ding Dongs when my blinkers on, etc. It never ceases to amaze me when I look at my motor and realize it only has 300HP! ITS MASSIVE! If that was a German or Japanese motor it would be pushing at least 450 HP My IN LINE 6 cylinder BMW was 330 HP!! AN IN LINE 6!! As for cars creaking and rattling they are on the money EXCEPT for the new Mustang. That I can attest to, although it is starting the old US Loosen up deal at 6K.
  10. My question is how are these children affording 50k M3's?
  11. You kiddin me? Go live in Northern NJ up by Saddle River or down by Peapack Gladstone. These people have more money than God AND the Pope put together!! A new M3 for graduation is like pissin in the ocean to these people.
  12. Makes me laugh, There really seams to be alot of people that forget they bought a mustang for one reason its a mustang!!! When I was looking I did look at cars that where in the same price range BMW 320i, Subaru WRX and the Arura TSX and the stang well it was the biggest bang for sure the next would have to be the WRX really fun car to drive.The point here is you have to compare apples to apples, a new m3 in canada is $40.000.00 more then I payed for my stang I could go out and buy another and still have money to mod :rlaugh: so before guys start to bash any car look at the facts first :D
  13. alot of them guys hate the fbodies and stangs cuz we have the performance they want and cant have cuz their beamer is too expensive. BMW is a nice car but every rich person has one practically.

    yeah, american motors are big and dont produce the power per liter like some of the euro cars, but its NOT practicall for us here to have that kinda power per liter. gas prices in europe i believe are a lot higher than here so they need smaller more efficient motors. thats part the reason they make so much power per size.

    this guy obviously dont know much. 40 year old tech? the LS1 was new tech when introduced... ZR1 in 90-95 was top of the line motor built by lotus for GM. new stang motors are Over head valve design which is a LONG way from being outdated technology... Cheaply made and poor suspension? please, that is ridiculous. you get a hell of a lot with 30k and less for that stang or fbody and will handle just fine. potential is even better. build quality on the vette is pretty damn fine. better than BMW as far as i hear. alot of them are in the shop every other week. the vette is a finely built car
  14. Here we go!! Build quality on a Vette compares to an M3? ARE WE ON THE SAME PLANET? Vettes are known to have some of the cheapest low budgetb interiors known, hell even the Mustang interior looks better. Read the posts on this board from previous Vette owners, the newer one sure are a great car but build quality is certainly not one of their strong suits
  15. you are all talking about these smaller engines making good HP numbers but have you forgotten torque...even the newest m3 with 333 hp only has 262 torque, those cars are very refined where as our mustangs are straight out raw, its as if their power goes through filters and ours is just all out ballsy
  16. It's funny how when you go out to different Forums, there are always threads to find out what everyone dislikes/hates or even likes. I don't hate any particular car, just some of the idiots driving them. I do not like the Ricer look or the Bling Bling look, nor do I like the melted plastic look of some of our nemisis (you know who I am talking about), but that is their choice (however un-informed as to Even the Guy who started the thread on the M3 Forum, had a Mustang and still likes them. I have seen on here and know a number of Mustang owners that own other brands (Including BMWs - I have a '93 BMW K1100LT Motorcycle), and really do not trash others choices (too

    Yes, I have been known to Dis others choice in paint, really big or really small wheels, giant rear wings, tin can mufflers, Earthquake starting sound systems (I like my Rock & Metal loud but don't try to drown out a F16 !!!!!!!), lifted, lowered, raked, and just plain dumb looking! But one thing we all have in common is (especially as Mustang owners) we are a very diverse bunch of car guys and girls. We love our choice of car, do what makes it stand out or not, so just enjoy the ride and drive what you can afford, but be civil to other car crazy people like yourself. Just set 'em straight that the Mustang is the car to own (for us that is!).

    When I get the money.....Cars in my future....Black Ferrari 328 GTsi, '68/'69 Z28, '72/73 Chevelle, '70's Barracuda, '70's Charger, maybe a Porsche 911, '85 1/2 Porsche 944 (have one stored for me to buy next year w/13K original miles on it) and of course several '60's and early 70's Mustangs! Now all I have to do is win the lottery! Damn...I forgot about insurance.......oh well.....

    Nuff said!!! :cheers: