Mustang makes top three list of most hated cars on BMW M3 forum...

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  1. Somebody should go give them an update regarding the GrandAm Cup Series factory standings. Seems that "old" live rear axle is still beating the IRS "kids".
  2. I just don't get it. If they aren't jealous of the stang why are they even discussing it. Mustangs are not in any way shape or form competition for BMW. So why waste the time comparing them. :shrug:

    Mustang = American 'muscle' 'pony' what ever you want to call it.

    BMW = ? don't even know what to call those things.

  3. The term is Performance Sports Sedans and the 3 Series wrote the book.
  4. Well whatever they are, a BMW has never caught my eye. I find them ho-hum, B-O-R-I-N-G. But what do I know? I'm just a girl.
  5. Apples to oranges, BMWs aren't that special to me especially 3-series, I see more BMWs where I live/work along with Benz, Lexus, Infinity etc. then I do Mustangs, no joke. Anything with M or AMG is hot though.
  6. DOnt get me started on bmw's I had a o1 330ci that went to the dealer (i'm not kidding here) 20 times before I sold it in late 03, and when I sold it it still had a problem of cutting off whenever it felt. I also had a 97 328 that cost $500 to replace the fan belt,(which is why I bought the 01 to begin with)
  7. Same here, they're about as common as accords.
  8. My parents owned three BMW's, hands down mechanically they worst cars they've ever owned. My dad said he'd never buy another one, ever. That's when they started buying Lexi (Lexuses whatever). Just as refined, and far better mechanically. You'd be surprised how quick those little SC430's are.

    BMW's are everywhere, every yuppie dork has a 3-series (no offense to owners here but it's true), and they were giving away 325's on leases here in So Cal. You could get one for $320 a month and like a $1,000 down.
  9. I feel like I'm back in high school. Let's start a thread about how much beer we drank this weekend.
  10. :rlaugh: Love it! Quote of the week.
  11. I thought the original post was about M3's??? If so, they are not everywhere and they are one hell of a car. I admire them very much as should all of us in this forum as I assume all Stangnet members are car enthusiasts (probably wrong though).

    If they want to act like Vette owners, it doesn't change that the car is awesome. Nobody said owning a nice car made you a nice person, many times the opposite is true. Funny thing is they mention 40 year old engine technology. I was unaware they had mass air and coil on plug back then.
  12. Sick of seeing so many 3 Series Bimmers are we? After buying my first FORD ever I now see the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of tacky 04 and earlier Mustangs on the road. They made more of these cars than they did low budget pornos. Who can forget the sight of a Mustang with the "air scoop rear bumper" What the hell is that supposed to be anyway? And another classic Mustang look that rear bumper with MUSTANG engraved in 6 inch letters on it! As if we don't already know that horribly styled car with the fake hood scoop isn't a Mustang. Say what you want about BMW's at least they show a little CLASS!!
  13. I am not on the Mustang bashing bandwagon here, I happen to love the 94 to 04 shape, but yeah any fake plastic is crap to me. That is why I took it off my 99 GT. Couldn't stand it. The bumper letters are fine, provided you don't buy the damn stickers to bring more attention to yourself.
    What the hell is the point of a fake scoop????? I need attention, slap on a scoop???
    Love seeing the Dodge trucks with the taped on twin hood scoops. Classic.
  14. Lots of crap plastic and even crappier wheels on the "poor mans" entry level 3 series. Makes them look like garbage as well.
  15. Lol thats very well put for this area. I went to Northern Highlands and It was funny how many new $55,0000+ Cars kids got for their 17th Birthdays. I'm 20 and not one person ever believes I bough my car with all my own money at 19yrs old. Everyone thinks it was a present from Mommy and Daddy, a trend that is to common in this area.
  16. Lol I can see you are under the influence like one of those kids you were just chatting about now arn't you, looking at your post I though you would think a little diffrently. Kinda sad to see somone in here venting the influence I try to stay away from when I come onto Stangnet.
  17. performance sports sedan...
    1991 Lumina Z34 - top speed 147mph 210hp 215ft.lbs (3.4 60degreev6)... base price 17,000
    1991 Taurus SHO 220 -210 torque (3.0) 18,900
    1991 Dodge somethingrather R/T (sorry i can't remember) ... cna't remember numbers, faster than z and taurus 16,000
    1991 BMW 735i: top speed 135mph 3.4L 208 hp straight six... 32,000

    I think chevy, ford and dodge have bmw beat on this one... american companies just stopped making performance sedans in 94, with the exception of pontiac with the GTP, which i prefer over a bmw as well. (i've driven all 5 of the mentioned cars, bmw, z34, sho, R/T, and GTP)

  18. Yeh, My old 1977 T-Bird had that same setup. That's old school tech! :rlaugh:

    Classic, Saw!
  19. they're beaking old technology... they use straight 6's... my 1947 international came with a straight 6...