Mustang makes top three list of most hated cars on BMW M3 forum...

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  1. :nice:
  2. Too bad you can't say the same thing about many of their owners and former owners.
  3. On what?
  4. A Chevy Lumina and a Ford Taurus are not only in the same league as a 7 Series Bimmer but they are better? WHAT PLANET ARE WE ON THIS WEEK? IS THE PRESIDENT GROVER CLEVELAND? GOD THE INSANITY!! I just hope and pray someone on a bimmer board sees that on.They will be laughing for the next 6 months!! That terbacker juice starts effeckin yer brayn after the 4th lap of Daytona honey! Get off that "puter before you start sayin somethin stupid and get me a cold Pabst Blue Ribbon from the back of the truck!!
  5. Keep repeating to yourself: "I am now one of them; I am now one of them; I love wrestling; I love monster trucks"--you'll fit in eventually, after all you drive a mustang don't you?
  6. I drive a Mustang but I haven't lost my mind! And frankly when I read these kind of comments I am ashamed to admit it! Guys on the Bimmer and Porsche boards tend to be *******s but you never hear ridiculous statements like that on the board. Probably due to the fact that most people who purchase American cars are not college educated. People who buy German and Japanese cars tend to have a degree. This is info from I believe it was Car and Driver from several years back. In other words there aren't many "back woods in the holler" BMW owners spittin terbacker juice in a coffee can while watchin NASCAR. These people generally own US BUILT cars and trucks.
  7. How to Win Friends & Influence People by Excon
  8. I got me an edjumacation and I gots an American car go figure *pause* where's my dangon tabacker can at. Go Jeff Gordon WHOOP WHOOP NASCAR :hail2: Personally I'm glad I'm not some elitest dousche parading around in some super status yuppie wagon.
  9. Yeeehawww!! Cattmann!!!!
  10. Hell yeah, I'm fixing to get me a new doublewide just to park my shiney Ford next to!! :banana:
  11. And I got me a POWERFUL HANKERIN for a city woman. Better go wash my MUSTANG and fill the trunk with beer and the American Flag!!
  12. I'm going to make a very controversial statement here. I'm coming out of the closet; please don't judge me too harshly, but I have room in my driveway for, not only a new stang vert, but if I could afford it numerous other makes of automobiles including but not limited to German, Japanese, and even other American makes.
  13. I got me a POWERFUL HANKERIN for a city man. Better go trade in my Mustang for a BMW, get ready for the club and pick a sexy silk shirt from the collection in my closet, somebody turn up the techno, oot se aht se oot se aht see, I'm gettin lucky tonight!!!! :banana:
  14. Don't forget the "LUBE"!!! I'm sure you also got a powerful hankerin to lube up your man!!
  15. I thought that came stock with a new 3-series :shrug: Like some special German lube masterfully engineered, superior to other imposter American and Japanese brands, lasts 3 times as long and won't creak or rattle during special handling manuvers.
  16. You've got to be kidding. And here I thought I found myself a fast, tough and rather classy ride only to discover I'm an uneducated hick. Guess I better work at limiting my vocabulary, drinking Budweiser and dropping the nightly flossing routine. :bang:
  17. This is getting really out of hand and way too funny! Just because some of you think that you have to be redneck or Southern to own a muscle car, don't know the crowd you are talking to here. We are from all over the country and overseas too! All classes & educations of guy & girl car nuts. Yeah, I'm from the South, have my BS in engineering, love Muscle cars and a lot of Exotics too. Bought my first Mustang in Jan '05 (GT). Still want a classic 60's model Mustang and Camaro Z28. So what! Every day there's more money in the South than a lot of the North. (Not getting into the War of Northern agression here! lol). Just demographics.

    On another note...I also ride BMW motorcycles...we are a very diverse group of guys and girls....Educated, lesser educated, low, middle and upper incomes, all races and classes of riders. And we like other motorcycles brands too! Not limited to cutting down others because of their choices. We ride what we ride and drive what we drive! For the fun of it!

    Enjoy the Ride! :cheers:
  18. Guys it's Excon, come on, you know he just wants to get under your skin. Nobody here has to defend their education or where they live. Don't waste your time.
  19. Hey M3's are sweet, but it's like comparing apples and oranges. Mustang's aren't european sports cars and BMW's aren't american muscle. I wanted a fast, fun to drive rag top (RWD ONLY) and nothing out there could come close to the performance, style and price of a mustang GT. I came close to getting a Z3 3.0 but I am happy I picked the pony. There's nothing like a good old american V-8.
  20. Yeah....I know he likes to stir it up, but I get a little tired of it. Hopefully they will end this thread soon and we can get on to the real reason for coming to this forum....learn about Mustangs, make friends and have fun!

    Nuff Said!