Mustang makes top three list of most hated cars on BMW M3 forum...

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  1. I agree it's tiresome, but a lot of people think he's a riot.
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  3. I just love the tasteful remarks made on this thread! Certainly indicates a level of intelligence! What level? Now thats a whole 'nother thread! Does every damn thread on this board gotta start with "Do I reflash my CPU after installing a CAI?" Don't these threads start becoming a little BORING? GOD how some people get worked up over nothing. I LOVE IT!!
    Take a look at the description of "talk" For Relaxing Off Topic Conversation.
    I am here simply to RELAX everyone.
  4. Excon - I think what you mean is: I'm simply here to RELAX, everyone. Cuz you sure as heck don't have the effect of relaxing everyone. Lol! Heh heh heh...
    Folks take stuff a wee bit too seriously, I think.
  5. The greatest response to stupidity is silence.

    Works everytime.
  6. Now if this post doesn't make the Irony Hall Of Fame, nothing will. :)
  7. Heres what I dont get...

    2005 Mustang GT: Retail, around $30k.

    2005 BMW M3: Close to $50k. are these cars comparable?

    But this is the best comment eva!

  8. The majority of hatered those guys have for the Mustang is just jealousy. They are jealous that at half the price of their car, the '05 Stang owners can beat their cars. And half the price includes mods.

    And that car is not in anyway a classy looks ho-hum like every other sports sedan out there.

    If they want to sit and make excuses that there is more technology in an M3, and better build quality than the Stang -- they may be right -- but they better be right considering they paid over twice the price of an '05 Stang, for that kind of money I wouldn't expect anything less.

    I like M3's, but to me they are just a borderline boring car for a boring person who wants everyone to believe they are cool, rich people -- but they are only fooling themselves. JMO(from experience).
  9. I just call those things “one of the $30,000 things”

    Interesting thread... When I was in the market for a new car, I knew I wanted a convertible and I wanted something with 4 seats and 300 or more hp. Budget was to a greater extent not really a consideration (for the most part). It was more important for me to get what I REALLY wanted. I took weeks and drove as many cars as I could that fit this classification. Not many there, that’s for sure! It came down to simply the M3, Audi S4 and the Mustang. For me, build quality was DEFINITELY a consideration. That being said, there were more similarities than differences between the vehicles. (btw the S4 impressed me FAR more than the M3... that Quattro with the V8 torque roasted the M3...) Yes, under the hood you could really see aesthetic differences, better presentation, better organization, cleaner etc. in the Euro cars... Inside there was a little more of the same... better leather, not much cheap plastic etc... Outside; real canvas top, smoother fit into the body...

    I kept driving and looking at all three. It was a TOUGH decision. I really liked the quality difference in the M3 and S4, but I was suprised that the gap was not as wide as I had expected, and more importantly the feel BEHIND THE WHEEL was similar. (I was lucky enough to get to take the Mustang by myself, and the M3 and S4 had cool salesmen that let me take both cars up to 100mph and through lots of twists and turns.) Yes, the Mustang was cruder, more raw... but still the gap was not huge. What it came down to for me was that the $30,000 price difference was too great to justify these more subtle differences. Yes it is a bit painful to run my hands over my “leather” seats but hey, I just say that that is “one of the $30,000 things...” and I feel a bit better.

    You know, that is something like a $300 a month difference in car payments that I can enjoy myself with EVERY month for years! I also know that with the Mustang I can tune it or change it in any way that I want. New wheels? no problem. Really hate the seats? reupholster or replace them... In addition, I can drive the Mustang and not be afraid to break it. I can afford the repairs. Bolt a supercharger on an M3 and see how that will affect your maintenance costs... (especially since that may very well preclude BMW mechanics from even working on your car.) Any way you slice it I am coming out WAY ahead... Plus, you cannot beat the 05 for looks!
  10. 3 broken forum rules in one line....

    Folks, I think we have a new record :nonono: :notnice: :owned:
  11. And did I take the bait Tyler? That will be the day!!! Keep the abuse coming boys!!
  12. Rally, very well said. Agree with I think everything you said! I owned the older S4 so the handling on my M3 was ten times better. Of course there is no comparison with these fine automobiles and the MUSTANG. The Mustang is an EXCELLENT car for the class its in but it sure aint in the class of the cars you mentioned and never will be. I have owned ALOT of high performance cars and bang for your buck wise this new Mustang is the winner. Is it anywhere near an M3? hell no but I didn't pay M3 prices either. Does it handle like my 911? Of course not the handling on the Mustang is good but not great. Can I use a 911 as a daily driver going to garage sales etc? No way! The Mustang is a GREAT CAR for what it is, a powerful, fairly crude GT.
  13. Excon's supposed list of cars he's owned:


    What am I missing gang, I know there's a ton more I can't think of? All in a span of what, 5 years? LOL, too funny. I'm sure you had a Ferrari too, or would that be too far fetched? :D
  14. Silver you missed my Mini Cooper, had that one for about three weeks. 2 WRX's and a Forrester XT. I think thats the list. Ask any question that an owner of any of these cars would know and I can probably answer it. I lost more money buying and selling cars so rather than boasting about having so many I am somewhat embarrased at losing so much money in the transactions.
  15. am i the only one who is being annoyed to death by EXCON's stupid comments

  16. Well, excon can be annoying i agree but his last post was pretty reasonable and i agree with him
    An M3 isn't in competition with them so its hard to compare them
    Of course performance wise they may be pretty similar (at least in a drag type setting) but they are more focused on luxury than performance where the mustang is the opposite

  17. you must have either slept during, or skipped economics class alltogeather since you're a "classy, college educated" ( :p snob :p ) :rolleyes:
    so what are you trying to prove when you say that german cars are well engineered vehicles over american cars... when you charge 50K for a four door sedan it better be well engineered, but when you only charge 30K for one then well it doesnt take a rocket scientist(or german engineer :rolleyes: ) to see that they shouldnt even be compared. if its not apparent by now, what i'm saying is stop spewing your german car superiority over american cars... its like saying Bentlys are well engineered cars when compared to an entry level 3 series. of course it is becuase they're not in the same league.
  18. MarSaleen, you are correct. As I have said MANY times these cars can't and should not be compared. It certainly isn't me comparing a 50K car to a 28K car. I simply respond that the 50K car is a superior automobile. Can I help it if some idiots argue until their dying breath that am M3 is not as good a car? Bang for buck naturally the Mustang beats the hell outta an M3 or S4. Funny thing is although its not very popular at least I speak highly of a car OTHER than the Mustang. Only a few guys will even admit these cars are what they are. You may not care for my opinions and personally I could give a rats behind what anyone thinks of my opinions.
  19. It is not speaking highly of another car that starts these run on arguements. It is the pecking and ever so slightly and sometimes blatent insults you tie with them.

    Saying an M3 is a good car causes no big stir. I said it in this thread and another in SVT. No one argued. Now lets all reflect on the previous posts and see why.

    It is obvious now, that in order for this web site to entertaining for some, it must include insults and arguements. Although guised in "sporting debate" the true colors are shown each time the Hillbilly comment is coupled with the word Mustang etc. etc. Any debate I was ever in did not include personal insults. Education and or intelligence level effects the way in which people argue. The less information or intelligence one person has limits his actual debate time and hastens his or hers retreat to the "lowest common denomenator" insults.

    I love mustangs, I also admire and respect M3 BMW's and a long list of other cars. It is a wonderful market now and I look forward to each car companies improvements and offerings (except Hyundia, Kia, Suzuki and Daewoo).
  20. I was born in Alabama, and I currently live in Ga. Someone's anonomous online comments about rednecks & hillbillys down south doesn't offend me at all.

    I think the M3 vs Mustang is an interesting debate because I have read in several articles that ford engineers used the M3 as a baseline vehicle when designing the new stang. Sure it's unfair to compare a 30k car to a 50k car, but it seems to me like it's more of a compliment than anything else.

    If ford built a 50k stang would it compete well w/ an M3? Who knows? It's more interesting to me to attempt to build a better American M3 for 25-30k and fall short than to replicate a great car that is already being produced.

    One reason to compare the stang to the M3 is because there is so little similar product to compare it to.