Mustang makes top three list of most hated cars on BMW M3 forum...

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  1. Again your lack of intelligence is astounding and coupled with your inability to read a completely cognative thought should get you far.

    V6 mustangs are great, drove the crap out of one and loved it. Didn't mod it due to the fact modding a V6 is a waiste of money compared to simply upgrading to a GT. So yes, I would mod my mower before modding a V6, that does not in any way show disrepect towards the V6 Mustang.

    For now, I focus on you due to the fact your need for attention fascinates me. You cannot debate, that is why you bully. Make a point and we can talk.
  2. That's a great story. It's amazing how ignorant educated people can be when it comes to raising kids.
  3. Yeah sure your inline 6 has 330hp, but it is COMPLETELY maxed out from the factory. Must be nice to spend $10,000 on mods & pick up 10hp :rlaugh:
  4. The M3 has only a LITTLE to do with horsepower, which is all most people think of in terms of performance. An M3 handles like nothin else on this planet with 4 seats. Horsepower to most here equals Performance, the mark of a true performance car is FAR more than Horsepower.
  5. torque, handling and ride quality make a performance car
  6. I don't know about "easily" unless you mean increasing the boost. If their power gets too high those 7-inch rear gears are gonna BLOW...LOL.

    Here's alist of imports with roughly the same displacement and/or higher output:
    • 05 Infiniti m45 4.5 liter V8 = 335hp
    • 05 lexus gis430 4.3 liter V8 = 330 hp
    • 05 Audi 4.2 liter V8 = 335 hp
    • 05 acura RL 3.5 liter V6 = 300 hp
    Now lests compare the price of my car to these:
    • 05 Mustang GT $25,418
    • 05 Infinity m45 $49,550
    • 05 lexus gis430 $56,225
    • 05 Audi A8 $66,590
    • 05 acura RL $ 49,100

    Wanna see what these high-quality and amazing power/liter output yet horrifically expensive car do in the 0-60?

    Mustang = 5.2
    M45 = 6.1
    GS430 = 5.9
    A8 = couldn't find this one but I'll bet about the same as the last two
    RL = 7.26 (no torque despite the 300hp)

    It is obvious to me that Ford cut may corners with the 05 Mustang. Fit and finish are quite good but many of the materials are simply second class. That doesn't bother me at all though. I for one am VERY happy that Ford stuck to the original niche that the Mustang fit and even invented...the Ponycar. It is not a muscle car, it is not a sport sedan, it is not a sports car. It is a "sporty" car that is priced so as a young person can afford it yet has enough power and handling to embarrass an expensive import...all while costing about half as much. If they tweaked the crap out of the motor like the ones on the list above it would cost much more. If you want to buy a tweaked Mustang then get the GT500, it will inhale and spit any of those cars out of it's tailpipe and still cost less. But leave the pedestrian Mustang GT right where it is. In a class by itself!
  7. those cars are luxary sedans/performance cars... so naturally their price will be alot more due to the bells and whistles

    what you need to compare is the price of the motors, what it costs to build them to be fair.

    not sure why japan and german engineer there motors to be producing lots of power per cubic inch or liter whatever. its not to say that GM or Ford couldnt do the same. they can, cuz when you add a slightly bigger cam/full exhaust and intake mods on LS1, you make 450hp and for 346 cubic inches, thats abit more respectable. the heads are capable of 400rwhp+ easy. Gm doesnt use it all. Same applies to ford, there is alot more power that can be derived from their modular motors. its just that we dont use it or go that route.

    what those european tuners have is great electronics. their little motors make lots of power and still get decent fuel economy. now an LS1 can do pretty good retaining fuel economy with mods and i am sure a stang can do similar, but still not as close as those other foreign cars to the best of my knowledge
  8. The STI is a 2.5 liter motor. It pumps out 300 HP and thats with Subaru backing it with a full warranty. That tells you the motor has plenty of room to play. 300 HP WITH 2.5 LITERS!! Give credit where credit is due, the Japanese can pu out 300HP with an engine almost HALF the size of the Mustang!
  9. Without a doubt, the M3 is one of the most balanced cars on the planet. I wish I could deep the Cobra and get one, not gonna happen though.
  10. Don't forget the little rotory. 228 hp from 1.3 litres isn't too shabby.

    Ford did have a 2.3 making some serious power with a turbo. Problem is, no one wanted one.
  11. Hillbilly speaking: "I always wonted won of them thar Subahroos, but they jist didn't give me tha thrill o' the Mustanga! Shore wished they'd make a purty car like the 'stang, and match it with that there fast moter an all-wheel drave!"

    Oh, sorry, speaking as the hillbilly that I am! But seriously, I always admired Subarus, just wish they had looks that appealed to me. :D
  12. An M3, is just a less affluent mans M5
  13. You forget boost increases displacement, therefore its not necessarily 300 hp out of 2.5 litres, still a really good amount but not as good as your trying to make it sound
    Not too mention i've read in several places subaru's awd system isn't too great so every car manufacturer cuts corners somewhere i guess
  14. Which is the less affluents mans' 7 series....which is the less affluent mans'?
  15. boost makes small liters into bigger ones but its still 300hp on a 4 banger with 2.5 liters as is. its not that much boost to make it liek a 4.6 liter v8 tho...

    its a very impressive car and responsive to tuning and boost increases.. stock wrx's can hit 285hp from 227 stock with a Cobb stage II and exhaust. with some more mods 300 can be achieved on stock turbo. and thats the 2 liter motor
  16. ....Austin Martin. :D my point exactly
  17. Orr89, seem to be quite knowledgable! Refreshing to see some intelligence on Mustang board! I owned 3 Subarus. A WRX Wagon with a Cobb Kit with a little over 325HP OFF A 2.0 LITER MOTOR! I also just sold a WRX sedan stock. I had the Forrester XT as well. First rate cars and s for their all wheel drive systems they are excellent. Using the German style Boxer motors llows for excellent handling characteristics as well. The interiors are cheap like the Mustang but at least they don't insult your intelligence with a Skanker Stereo! The factory Subaru stereos are far better than Fords trash.
  18. Hmmm, I was going to say M1. Remember those?
  19. And with a 4.6 with the right internals 600 hp can easily be achieved with a turbo setup, or the right supercharger setup. So what is your point? Who would want a Mustang with a 2.5 litre in it? Ford didn't build the car 600 hp for cost, and so people can do with it what they want -- an argument about an engine half the size holds no water. How many people really want a car that is getting close to being maxed out without reliabilty issues from the factory.

    The WRX is a great car, and I would love to have one, but it is by no means any better than the 'Stang.
  20. I'd like to see torque figures on those as well.

    Horsepower sells cars Torque wins races! :flag: