Mustang Man Laws

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  1. Mustang ownership is a culture. It more than just owning a car. And with this culture there are certain "unwritten" rules that are implied by most enthusiast. So I thought it would be a good idea to express these so laws here on this forum. This will help new mustang owners know exactly the do's and don'ts of owning a stang. This way we cut down on the number of stangs with "22' blades" and rear wings that could lift an airplane :D So if you wish to propose a Mustang Man (or Woman) Law, present it here.

    I will go first:

    1) It is not acceptable to put "fake badging" on your stang (i.e. GT badging on a V6, Cobra Badging on a GT, etc.). True enthusiast will ALWAYS be able to tell the difference.
  2. Ooops, I meant to post this thread in "TALK".
  3. 2) APC products are a no go

    3) NEON lights too
  4. 4) "altezza" clear lights are made for rice only, not mustangs
    5) body kit's should be limited to Roush/Saleen/cobra kits
  5. 6) NO Chrome Fender flares... :notnice:
    7) No mud flaps that have ANY pictures on them..
  6. 8) No wheels bigger than 18 inches.
    9) No v6 with a cowl induction hood.

    98stang I broke one of your laws, my body kit is neither check out my cardomain page
  8. 11) Mustangs shall not have a rear spoiler/wing taller than the roof!
  9. The rims of choice are Bullit, FR500, and Cobra.
    Even Better when in DD (Deep Dish)
  10. 13) 16,17, yr olds SHOULD NOT have 03 terminators
  11. Mustangs should not have any appearance mods purchased from autozone, walmart and the like.
    This thread needs to be a sticky! lol..
  12. unless it came from the factory that way and had a 5.4L :)
  13. this thread rox
  14. 15) NO SPINNERS !! WTF
  15. no stickers showing all the brands of parts you have all over your car
  16. :stupid: and they dont add 5 hp for each sticker
  17. At least 04s are ok :)
  18. No doors that open any other way than the way they came from the factory.
    NO fart cans.
    NO painted interiors.
    NO modified stock hood scoops with cut hoods.
    No tips bigger than 3 1/2".
    No door ding guards on GT+s.
    No excessive vinyl.
    No mirror tint.
    No strobes.

    Sorry, I have alot of pet peeves with this sort of stuff!
  19. Even if its the Cobra R wing:(