Mustang Man Laws

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  1. What about touch-less?
  2. Mustang Man Law #___: No Wal-Mart bought plastic "side exit exhaust" that screws on to your side skirts. Especially when your V6 already has a fat 4" chrome tip angled out the bottom of your rear bumper!:shrug:
  3. Mustang Man Law #__: Have some pride and keep your mustang clean.

  4. Most have more than 10 posts before being allowed to suggest Mustang man laws.
  5. Yeah, bondo, fiberglass or buy a replacement part and paint it.
    Here are a couple of examples that fall under this law.

    1. do not tape a broken off side view mirrow on to the car.
    2. do not tape plastic over broken windows for extended periods
    3. do not tape lisence plates
    4. do not tape body panels or bumper covers.

    Of course you can have a 1 week grace period in case of emergency situations
  6. Actually I do, my count just isn't keeping up.:nice:
  7. Someone was kind enough to inform me that unless you post in tech your posts don't count.:)
  8. No, paint match is cool.:nice: Carbon looks good too, its just 9 out of 10 rice cars have em, kinda ruined it for me.

  9. If you only post in the talk section your posts don't count. Only posts in tech sections increase your post count.

    If you weren't such a newb you know that.

    J/k lol.
  10. Mustang Man Law # X: Just because your car looks/runs/rides like s***, that doesn't make it a race car. Your DD stang is no closer than mine to being a race car just because mines one color
  11. Ahh, What?
  12. Someone I know says they have a race car b/c their car isn't in the best of condition, but it's lacking the key feature of a race car: it runs a 15 sec 1/4
  13. Ok.
  14. Just because your mustang is 2 colors, snow plow, and has 87 fuel doesnt mean its like mine, but gets better mileage, on hot days, and is a 5speed but used to be an auto SVO daily drag car, man law.
  15. Dont ask what's that whining under the hood...
  16. You mean that isn't the power steering!:D
  17. ***New Law*** If you have a fox GT.....DO NOT cut holes in your rear bumper to put on LX stainless pipes. This looks like shat and it is trashy!
  18. lol damn those whiney power steering pumps and really loud whistling vaccum leaks
  19. (As I have yet to reach the minimum "tech only" posting count I respectfully submit to the Mustang-Law council the following for your consideration...I also sacrificed two chickens and a GTO (get it, goat?), to you, lords supreme)

    No free advertising for car dealerships, this includes license plate frames, dealer badges and vinyl lettering.
  20. i'll argue with ya on this one lol

    just take the antenna off, and you might notice an indentation in the pass side of a chin spoiler..... on a conveyor wash, my company doesn't do those gas station put it in park machines. we put it in neutral cause were special haha:D