Mustang Man Laws

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  1. Quote: "Whenever someone in a clearly inferior automobile (i.e. Hyundai Elantra, Dodge Neon, unmodded V6 Mustang, 1985 POS Pickup, etc.) pulls up next to you on the road wanting to race you calmly pull over, get out of your car and slap the other driver for being an idiot. Then you calmly get back into your stang and continue on your way."

    :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice:

    Mustang Rule # ____: No more than one item suction cupped to the inside of the windshield.

    Seen a few with 1) Satellite radio, 2) GPS, 3) Some cell phone thing and 4) no idea what it was but it was hideous.

    Mustang Rule # ______: No talking on a cell phone without hands-free or Bluetooth.

    Please folks, two hands on the wheel unless shifting.....
  2. I wanna see that vid. and NO SPINNERS should be # one. NO TRAILER HITCHES should be # two. lmao
  3. Those of you for no trailer hitches have never witnessed the HotRod power tour then have you. 9 sec+ cars towing their tools and slicks from track to track. Hell I though about putting one on my car to haul my **** to the track in a little trailer. The track is around 100 miles away for me.
  4. what? youre not allowed to have you seat all the way back and reclined with one hand on the wheel? ohh yeahh you need the jesus air freshener too:nice:
  5. Oh oh,.... I have a GT,...Love the 2000 Cobra R. At least they're FORD Parts!!!!
  6. Holy old thread Batman :jaw:
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  8. This thread was started before you joined :shrug:
  9. So this means that the 4inch tips I had on my 03 were to big. I thought they looked good.
  10. My old thread......brings a tear to my eye to see how much you have grown :cry:
  11. No off-road H pipes on street cars
  12. :jaw::mad::notnice:
  13. Actually, that looks pretty good. I rescind my previous statement regarding the tips! Although, I do prefer more of a 3.5" slash cut myself :D



    God, I miss that car :(
  14. Ahh, mod #1, removing that crap... :D

    No newbsters saying "No off-road H pipes on street cars". :D
  17. Always help a fellow car guy out at the track if possible...of course, any mustang owner in need gets higher priority and put at the front of the line.
  18. Bassani tips are 3.5 for the GT's and 4" for the cobras... So I dunno where this no 4" Tip stuff is coming from???
    And as far as the no off road H pipe on street cars what is that?? alot of people have offroad exhaust.

    Some of you guys are Fishin..
  19. dont shop for an FRC corvette....

  20. No bashing other Mustang owners just because some of the mods they have on their ride are not what you would do on your ride. To each his own...