1. any one ever heard any? like what years cam stock with 3 cores...which year had the highest CFM cooling fan.... i know theres got to be a website somewhere that lists em, but anyone knopw any or any sites like that?
  2. 16v head is a myth.
  3. There was at least one. [​IMG] Yeah what he said down there I couldn't get the pic to show.
  4. I dont think you are right about the 16v Mustang. But I could be wrong?
  5. You're talking about prototypes here. 3 were made. It might as well have not existed, because it is NOT an option. Therefore, the 16v head is a myth. I just had a guy the other day tell me I could put a 16v head on the SVO. I was like, um, ok, whatever.
  6. You can with a Volvo head, and with a lot of work. Mike SVOR is doing this to one of his motors. Check out his page and see:nice:
  7. Not really a viable option. There MIGHT be one or 2 that are complete and running, but even that is a rumor. Regardless of being somewhat compatible with the Ford block, it still takes massive amounts of fabrication and money. You can do anything if you set your mind to it. I'm still calling the 16v head a myth. If you have a problem with that being called a myth, there is always talk of a Cosworth 16v head that people seem to think is an option, but to the best of my knowledge it won't fit the Lima block.
  8. People that say they do 140 in a 2.3L Mustang...that's a big myth.
  9. 3 16v heads were made.

    1 was destroyed
    ford has 1
    1 is in the public, and I believe owned by someone on turboford
  10. Yep.

    Going faster than 107mph with no mods other than a fram filter.
    4.10s being bad gear for a turbo car.
    A4lds are a good transmisson.
    Neon lights gets you p00n4ge.
    The 7.5" rear end being weak. Ask Taryn.

  11. :lol: :lol: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

  12. No, this one's true.

    I don't have any neon lights, and i don't get any, so the inverse must be true.:shrug:
  13. i think you all missed the point, what i mean is, like there really is a year that ford put 3 cores in the mustang.....but what year......maybe myth was the wrong word.......how bout, little known facts? like i was talking to a friend and he told me that he found a page full of helpful things to know, like what year had the strongest water pumps, best radiator cooling fans, what years (if any) came with radiator coolers..........is anyone else picking up on what im getting at?
  14. Nope wen't fit. I live close to the land of cosworths. But for my own knowleddge I will order both a 2.0 gasket(german cosworth) and a 2.3 gasket (american 2.3) and give em a full comparison. I own both versions of the motor.
    Now if you went out and found the erlie pinto motor (first gen) then you could install the cosworth onto that.

    I have heard that 3core mith also! is it true? might be an option the interceptors got!

    another mith, there was a number of 2.3 turbo (carbed) interceptors made in the erlie 80's. but I have yet to actually see anything.
  15. None did...otherwise i would have gotten one already.

    5.0's just got 2-cores. No 3-cores.

    wow..radiator coolers? Are there radiator cooler coolers too?? Hehe...that terms is just funny... "radiator cooler" :D
  16. well i had a friend that works at discount aito parts tell me the one about the 3 core....... maybe it was for interceptors, but he said it was a factory thing from ford

    and i meant TRANNY cooler:rolleyes:
  17. Nope, the PI stangs have the same cooling system aside from silicone hoses. No 3-core rads in Mustangs at all.

    But parts stores do sell a 3-core radiator for the mustang. I got mine from Pep Boys for $150. They list the 2-core rad as "standard cooling" and the 3-core as "heavy duty"
  18. There is a Merkur running around with the Volvo head and it was a major b$%ch and he said he wont do another one. The head will physically bolt up but that where it ends. You have to match the cooling holes and plug up some, fabricate your won brackets and such to run teh timing belt. It can be done and cost was not all that bad but the amount of tech skillrequired and time involved I heard was not worth it.

    The Cosworth 2.3L DOHC is not based on the Lima 2.3L. IIRC it was based on a stroked race version of the same 1.7L and 2.0L DOHC 4 poppers like the Zakspeed Capri's and IMSA Mustangs used to run.

    I have also seen pics of a SVO prototype head that was never released. The story of the 3 heads is correct for what I have heard also. SVO wanted to cast a DOHC head for the 2.3L SVO but there were dark forces in Ford's Mustang program that were not happy with a turbo Mustang and were trying to kill the program so the head project got squished.

    So in yes there was such a thing as a DOHC 2.3L Lima motor head made but all are cast in rare unobtanium alloy. I believe in computer terms that is called vaporware.

    The one myth that I know is not true is that YES Ford did make a aluminum bumper for factory turbo cars. Both my 79 turbo RS Capris had them but my 79 Ghia plain jane Mustang did not. I have had people argue with me that there was no such thing as a factory aluminum bumper.

    And another yes it really does exist:

    A guy has a 1982 Canadian Mustang 2.3L carb turbo. Apparently it was a Canada only option that year. He has all the paperwork to authenticate the car and apparently it uses a 1983-84 style turbo setup with a crossver tube to a carb bonnet and blow through carburetor.

    I have not seen pics of the car but I do have somewhere a phtocopy from a Ford Canada Service manual showing the setup.

    I dont remember the exact context of the argument but when I told someone about my 140mph speedo a guy called me a liar and said Ford never making such a thing. My argument was according to an article in Ford High Performance magazine back around '84-'85 that instead of designing a speedo from scratch Ford took the 140mph speedo from the Police package parts bins and relabelled them and shipped them out as Ford Motorsport parts. When I described this the guy told me I was full of crap. He also said the 140 mph Ford Motorsports speedos didnt say Ford Motorsports on the front

    I sitting here as we speak holding my 140mph speedo in my grubby little paws. The P/N is: E5ZM-17265-A.

    And it says right below the trip odometer Ford Motorsport.

    I bought the speedo originally to go into my 79 Capri with the 302 but never put it in. I bought it back around 1986 and back then it cost me about $145
  19. another Myth i think is that mustangs never had rear wipers on thier hatch. I have personally seen 2 mustangs with FACTORY rear window wipers on thier hatches. One was an Turbo GT and i dont remember what the other was. But they do exist (and i want one dammit!)

  20. Here's a myth for ya:

    The Volvo 16 valve head won't work on a 2.3. :D
    It takes Massive amounts of fabrication and money. :D