1. That a 2.3 can not break an 8.8 rear end.

    Just ask me how I know!
  2. Oh, Here's one I heard yesterday:

    "I'd rather have a 14:1 compression N/A motor than an 8:1 compression turbo motor because the 14:1 compression motor will make way more power" .... said by backyard mechanic redneck.
  3. That's great news, so be sure and update your site with the details when yours is running. :nice:
  4. Damn, I gota wait till I pull the old motor and install the new one before I can update again? :damnit:
  5. Actually IIRC Mikes is the one that was the big discussion over at www.turboford.com complete with a multipage step by step how to in a tech post.

    His is the only one I have heard of running the Volvo head other than some Merkur.

    Mike SVOR I do have a question

    1) What did you ever do for a head gasket?

    2) Have you ever had your DOHC engine dynoed?
  6. Sorry dude, It is still in the design phase. Exhaust header should be done soon.

    Head gasket is Felpro 1035.
  7. I got rear wiper on my 80 stang! and I love it! my windows stay clean on those rainy days.

    Hay, I am still right about the DOHC head!!!! because well I am talking about the Pinto block (the creator of the Lima) and those are more available over here in Europe than the states. The Originall DOHC Cosworth is based off this 2.0.
    The 2.3 Lima Cosworth is a modified version of the actuall Cosworth one from what I know. and yes only 3 were made that we know of. But when it comes to the Originall 2.0 Cosworth, they are a plenty over here in Europe and especially the UK. Trust me on this. I see em over here. and even been close enough to touch one. But watching one go down the track first hand is just awesome.
  8. Not really a myth but first time I went to Car-X for brakes all the guys flipped out because they had never seen or heard of such a thing.

    My black 79 Capri turbo RS I used to have still had the factory original aluminum brake drums with steel liners for the wear surface.
  9. thats cool! less spinning weight on the axle!
  10. Good idea but sucked in practice. I was told you dont see them very often because Ford recalled them after they started having problems with them. Mine were frozen to the axle.

    The Car-X guys had to break them to get them off. I took car to Car-X cause i couldnt get them loose.
  11. I can't figure out how to add a link to this post ( still new to this forum)

    On merkur encyclapidia has a page on this head (myth). One head is owned by Jack Roush , and yes that is Jack Roush Racing ( stock cars and the Roush Mustangs) His company got asked to help build this head I believe because his company had the right tools to do it cheap, but for some reason ford decided to put more into the 5.0L's I'm guessing. The page on that merkur site has it in full detail and the guy who wrote says he has seen the head. Now its kind of a myth since we proubly want ever see or be able to buy one. The chances of a after market version is even more unlikely to happen.
  12. enough chit chat, lets see some pics!!! ;)
  13. Everyone just needs to Email this company www.araoengineering.com and ask them to make a 16 valve version for the 2.3!
  14. down here in florida all the rednecks say that fords suck because they suck. Does that count?
  15. theres a few myths ive heard of...
    the E6 doesnt crack because its better ;)
    fords pioneered 4banger turbos(now thats a myth...anyone confirm/deny?)
    You cant run 30lb of boost without 110 octane fuel(fact or fiction?)
    Crovax has foold many ,but in reality only exist on the internet, hes really a BOT(this one im not sure on ;) )
    Canada invented hockey....this one is deffinatly a myth, everyoneknows it started with the Kings ;o) :flag:
  16. Oh you want some myths?

    Here's some that I've heard:

    The ranger roller cam makes more power than any other stock cam even though it's smaller. MYTH!
    You will never need a larger throttle body than factory because the outlet hole of a garrett is smaller than a golf ball. MYTH!
    You should never polish your intake runners because leaving them rough makes more power because it atomizes the fuel. MYTH!!!
    A tripple volvo intercooler doesn't work because the rear tubes get hotter than the front and that negates all the cooling properties.... or something. MYTH!
    A Holset HX35 turbo is way too big for a 2.3 and I don't know what I'm talking about because there are these things called compressor maps that I'm not allowed/supposed to understand. BIG MYTH!!! IN YOUR FACE!
    You can't run solid lifters on a stock cam. MYTH!!! Been doin it for years.
    You can't move the VAM to after the turbo and use it as a Inline VAM. BIG MYTH!!!! IN YOUR FACE!
    Stock injectors are only good for 280 hp. MYTH!

    man, i could go on and on here. hehe
  17. My '82GT's got a rear wiper..and when i got the '93 on the road...i missed it..I could have really used that rear wiper lots of times. I dont know why they removed it.
  18. sooo, is it true the 4.6 modular motor is nothing more than 2x 2.3=4.6. It all adds up , 105+105 =~210 not to far off ..i think im onto something here. Its ohc, so is the 2.3...maybe they just set them at a slant and welded away! what do u think? :)
  19. I've thought of that but probably not, it'd be interesting to compare head gaskets.
  20. Mike, do I sense a little aggression towards someone? :jester:

    Heres a few Myth pics