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  2. It's actually owned by one of the Board of Directors for the SVOCA... and he's never been on TF.
  3. like duh, the cobra has TWO 16v heads!! hehehehhehe
  4. the ranger i drive at work is a 16V 4cyl..its not that slow..
  5. "The BOSS is back!" from the early 80's ads.....


  6. '86 Motorsports Catalog

    -pt#M-17255-A 0-140mph or 0-230kph speedo to fit 79-82 Capri/stang
    -pt#M-17255-B same as above to fit 83-86
    -pt#M-17255-D same as above to fit 85-86 T-bird/Cougar
    ........none of the pics appear to have the "Motorsports" label.

  7. "The Boss Is Back" is for the 1982 Mustang GT
  8. Yeah...I saw the pics he posted...why is it never actually installed on an engine in any pics? Has he considered getting a company to "copy" it? 285hp at 10psi would be bad ass...

  9. i think we need too persuade him a little :chair: dohc 2.3..... :drool:
  10. I wonder what that thing sounds like...
  11. The SVOCA board member that owns it is Lee Clary. Here are some pics of Lee's head I found on some guy's website :

    I also found another guy who modified a 16v dohc volvo head. He even rearranged the VOLVO emblem and stuck an "S" on there in a poor attempt to recreate that '87 protype valve cover.
    Pics posted here
  12. www.merkurencyclopedia.com
    (I can't get the full link to work but this well get you started, the rest is : /Motor/4valve_cylinder_head.html )

    Tis link talks about this.

    The cool thing was Jack Roush was called in to help do them and he has one still, but I'm sure its not for sell. :nice:

    Ford decided to drop them and I guess focus on the 5.0L instead, also this may be where Jacks Roush, pretty much gets envloved in making his Roush Mustangs, but not sure.
  13. It's kinda funny to think, that head coulda changed a lot. I mean the little import craze we see now is cause all these people bought decently quick little honda's that got great gas mileage. Who woulda wanted a import 4cyl when such an amazing ford DOHC completely outclasses it.
  14. True, fords thinking...Who would want a 4 cyl american muscle car? Big means fast, and since a v8 is big, and sounds big, it is the only thing worth focusing on for the Mustang. Of course they paid for that mistake when honduh and every other company sold zillions of 4 bangers that were/are eating the esscort, tempo, focus (not so much any more) alive....oh well atleast some people understand a muscle car is more than just a v8. :flag:
  15. How can anybody be that god damn greedy! Share the wealth Mother F#$ker!Anybody know where that guy lives? Just let me know where u want the head dropped off guys! :nice: