1. Hello I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I live in the Midwest and am new to the Mustang world but not new to car restoration or motorsports. I have built hot rods and have been involved with doing autocross and track day events on road courses. I just recently purchased a 1985 Mustang Gt Convertible AOD. The car is rust free and completely stock except for exhaust. My short term plans are to add a front strut tower brace, roll bar ,frame ties, drop springs and struts /shocks and some sticky Dunlop Star Spec Direzza tires. The car is still running the dreaded CFI and will be for a while . I want put together a Sunday driver with a few track days and autocross events sprinkled in .I may have a bunch of questions along the way and appreciate any help or ideas that anyone can provide.
  2. Welcome to the site!! You will find there are many on here who are very knowledgeable and always willing to help. I've learned plenty since joining here. Good luck with your car!
  3. Welcome to the Mustang world! The '85-'86 cars are some of my favorites. I'm starting to get interested in having a convertible these days.
  4. Pics requested!
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  5. Welcome to StangNet! Another thing you will def have to focus on with your car is the BRAKES! Especially with autocrossing. The fox body mustangs had inadequate brakes in stock form(pre 87's were even worse)
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome. Yes Brakes for sure. Some hawks pads up front and it appears that Maximum has some "better" performing rear shoes for the drum set up. I also will add stainless flex lines up front with some performance brake fluid. My son and I campaigned a purpose built RX7 and a few different Focus's including a SVT Model. No grand illusions of any class wins with this car LOL Just have some fun and bring something different to the track other than the hundred Subaru's that show every weekend. Besides it is a automatic. Cheers to 02 81 GT in Germany . A5literman do you every do any track days or autocross events? Elarm1 do you have any info you could pass on the Tokico set up you have?

    Thanks John
  7. Here is my 85 Bone stock except for exhaust and a drop in K&N air filter.Lots of work to come.Found some interesting stuff this last week. Buck tag still in place and the rear axle tag still in place 3.73 gears and it appears the rear end was opened and serviced before,confirmed with a nice long burn out that the track loc is working great. When i pulled the back seat I found evidence that the car spent time in Mississippi . I feel pretty good about finding this stuff the K&N means someone cared enough to put good stuff on it and the rear axle is also a sure sign that someone cared enough to service or maintain the car. Looking good and runs smooth . Mustang pic one.jpeg View attachment 87245 View attachment 87245 View attachment 87245
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  8. Welcome & a really clean looking ride you have there! Yep, 3.73's are nice, but unfortunately you have the weaker 7.5" rear diff instead of the stronger 8.8 that came in '86-up foxes. If you plan on any power upgrades; I'd seriously think about swapping in a stronger unit IMHO....
  10. Hello Tony
    Thanks for the welcome. Do you own a vert ? If so what roll bar are you using? Any input would be helpful.
  11. I don't autocross. I'm more of a drag racer/Sunday driver. If you end up throwing a bunch of suspension pieces at the car I do highly recommend Maximum Motorsports.