Mustang Newby 1966 Coupe Project


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Mar 28, 2013
Jacksonville, FL
My son and I are looking too build his '66 Mustang that his grandfather gave to him. It's a 6cyl automatic car that originally did have a 3 spd in it but our desire is a new school restomod with v8 power. I have never owned a classic mustang and I have a few questions;

1. If I understand correctly, I have to change the front spindles and steering to the larger versions that came in a factory v8 car. Any tips or tricks to doing this in regards to upgrading or integrating "newer" generation mustang parts?

2. I have access to an 8.8 rear. Is this a good swap since we are going with a v8?

3. In regards to my reference in the first question about "newer" generation parts, is there a car that would be extremely beneficial in creating a new school hotrod without breaking the bank? (i.e. Lincoln Mark Viii, Fox body, SN95, etc....)

Thanks in advance for any advice that yall can give!!

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Apr 12, 2002
unless you are planning to reengineer the car, forget newer generation parts. you can use the 8.8 rear end, but you are going to have to narrow it, and get rid of the rear suspension mounting points and change them over to leaf spring mounts. not a hard job, but one that requires precision.

a modern engine and transmission can be used, but not any of the ohc engines as they are far too wide for the 66 engine bay, so you are limited to the older small block ford engines(289/302/5.0/351w).

and unless you are well versed in modern electronics, you are also limited to non electronic transmissions as well.

my advice is think about building the six instead. the 200 can be built to make decent power, and turn in fuel economy close to 30mpg as well. and with a T5 and 3.55 gears, will surprise many V8 mustangs.

the nice thing is you dont have to change spindles, and disc brakes are available in four lug patterns, including four wheel disc brakes.


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Mar 28, 2013
Jacksonville, FL
Thanks for response and info.

I'm definitely going to run a v8 so I had already planned changing out the front end parts and converting it to 5 lug.

I found an 8" rearend for a decent price out of another '66 factory v8 car. What kind of hp will it handle? I'm looking to be around 400hp with the motor combo i want to run. The only reason I considered the 8.8 is it was free.


SN Certified Technician
Apr 12, 2002
the 8" rear end will handle 400hp with a little beefing up. currie enterprises has gotten into building 8" rear ends in addition to their 9" line up. i would sya however, do not run slicks with the 8" on a regular basis, or you will tear it up, even with beefing up from currie.

since you are going to go with the V8 swap and five lug wheels, i suggest you try to find a set of spindles from a 1970 mustang. they are larger than the 65-69 V8 spindles, which are larger than the 65-66 six cylinder spindles.

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Actually those larger spindles can be found from 1970 -73 Mustang and Cougar ,so they are fairly easy to come by .They have a much larger threaded end , and are a lot less prone to breakage .
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