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  1. Hi there :)

    I'm looking into getting my very first mustang this year and I've got my eyes set on the restyled 2010. Grabber Blue looks awesome...and I like the sound of the pony package on the v6 premium option. (I'll be ordering mine since I'm picky)

    What I'm wondering though is if the general mustang community frowns upon non GTs. I'm used to driving a little 4 banger truck around, so any amount of power is a huge leap for me. I live in a big crowded city so it isn't like I have room to do a whole lot of serious driving or anything, and I don't know a great deal about cars. (I'm sorry, I hope that isn't an instant ban from these forums! )

    I just don't know that a girl like me has any need for that kind of power, but part of me was thinking I'd be some kind of insult to the general mustang community if I went with the v6.

    Any thoughts would be welcome :)
  2. v8.....If nothing it for the resale value. Ford puts more into v8 Models other than just a bigger engine. Better handling and rear end etc. Look on these forums to see what some folks have to go threw to turn a v6 into a v8 other than just physically swapping an engine. Usually someone says its just easier to buy a v8. I rather a base model GT than a fully loaded v6.
  3. The gt is more then just a bigger engine as said above, you get many perks over the base model in the gt. Gts come with higher grade equipment through out which is why id get the gt over the base.
  4. The v6 sell more cause they are more affordable. If you need to beat every smo at the red light then get a GT. As for retaining the value they in reality are the same so the gt will cost you 5g more for a v8. I have a 6 and I am very pleased with it. I would suggest you go with a premium model and if not make sure it has ABS brakes. Mine didnt cause its a base model. :)
  5. Ha yes the V6 may sell more but the V8 Forums on any Mustang website are bigger...Hmmmm i wonder why :shrug: Think that speaks for itself.


  6. Great feedback, thanks folks! Looks like I have a lot more thinking to do about this :) I have definitely noticed that the v8 presence is pretty serious on the various mustang forums I looked around at.
  7. Just do yourself a huge favor and test drive them both. Start with the GT. You won't be able to wipe the smile off your face.
  8. Yeah and beat on the car a lil in the test drive so you can get a feel of it.....thats the purpose of the test drive. You can't tell the major differences if you drive slow like a DMV road test. Personally i would damn near beat the piss out of it. :D Its a mustang should be evaluating performance!!!
  9. If you end up buying the V6 will you regret getting it every time you see a GT pass?
  10. That's what I'm worried about. With my current car (bought new in 03) I didn't get exactly what I wanted and it drove me nuts nearly the entire time I owned it. If the GT didn't exist, I'd be fine with the v6...I just don't want to deal with that regret if I realize a year later I should have gone for the gt.

    That's part of the reason this time I'm ordering it the way I want so I don't get talked into something I don't want on the lot. (A slick salesman could totally get me again)
  11. From experience, my first mustang was a v6. Now I have a gt. While the v6 was fun, I will never go back if I can help it. The exhaust note alone from a gt is enough for me