mustang parts blow out gt40 heads, gt40 intakes, ford racing camshafts craziness!!!

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by mutiger93gt, Apr 13, 2010.

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  1. how much for gt40 heads shipped to 75044? im ready to buy
  2. $75 to ship these heads. so $500 shipped for heads is what i want.
  3. What kind of wear on the b cam?
  4. gt 40 intake

    what r looking to get for the tubular intakes shipped to 94591 thanx
  5. up to the top...
  6. xcam says it may need piston clearance.. true for stock heads and block or more so for tfs heads?
  7. Even if you run an E camshaft with trick flow heads you still need to notch the pistons, the trick flow twisted wedge heads need special pistons or a piston notching tool to fit. The valve are in different spots that the stock piston reliefs.
  8. I have some 1/2 and 3/8 but no 1 inch spacers. sorry.
  9. Still have the rockers?
  10. yes, i have four sets of them.
  11. Could u pm me price on the rockers and pics would be good Thanx
  12. do you still have the ported explorer intake? Is it upper and lower? Pics?
  13. No you dont need to notch the pistons for an e-cam with trickflow heads. ive installed that cam in my buddys car and had no problems with valve clearance.I even installed a trickflow stage one cam in my notch with trickflow heads on the stock bottom end and had no clearence issues at all. and the trickflow head is the biggest valve head you can run with a stock piston to.
  14. intake

    i need a tubular intake let me know how much
  15. rockers

    Do you have a set of rockers left. If so how much are you wanting for them. Thanks
  16. $180 shipped a set have 6 sets.
  17. do you still have tubular intake how much shipped to 78154
  18. $410 shipped for a gt40 tubular upper/lower $315 shipped for just an upper, i still have about five of these intakes left!
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