Mustang Performance Handbook 2

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  1. so i got a awesome Christmas present from my friend, its that mustang performance hand book 2 .

    it has a lot of setup tips and schematics/measurements to build your own suspension components for road racing autocross and drag racing . it has how to's on building roll cages torque bars, castor camber plates, bump steer, lcas ,sub-frame connectors ect, pretty impressive if i do say so myself, takes a lot of guess work out if you want to build your own parts, like I'm planning on to .

    so if anyone's interested i can scan and upload the schematics or the whole book possibly into a pdf form for all to enjoy on this forum
  2. Peeps should love that :nice:
  3. That would be great but be careful about violating copyright laws. You may want to run it by a mod first.
  4. I would be very interested in the whole book in PDF form
  5. That would be awesome
  6. i guess ill wait till a mod chimes in , would be cool to make it a sticky, cus i know these books are kinda hard to find
  7. Yeah... Would be nice but would not be legal if it's copy-written material.

    We're not in the habit of playing host to pirated anything.

    I appreciate you guys taking the time to alert us to ask the question though. :) Definitely the right thing to do when in doubt. :nice:
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  8. Can you ask your friend where he got the book? I've been looking online on and off over the last six months or so and can only ever find the first edition.
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  9. I second that motion...
  10. Maybe upload to dropbox or other hosting and save for those times when someone is in need?
  11. The 2nd edition is out there used on ebay and Amazon but it isn't cheap.
  12. Just post the ISBN number off of the book. Makes it simple for folks to find it who are looking for it.
  13. I See Boobies Now?
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  14. He told me he got it off barnes and noble, for 50$ the ISBN#- 1-55788-202-9 . ya i think drop box might work out fine .

    would it be ok to post the link here once i upload it?

  15. That's fine. Amazon likely has it as well.
  16. Thanks for the ISBN. Amazon says delivery on Friday or Monday.
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  18. idk i think its a pretty bad ass book, id say its worth 50$ but i like free things just as much as the next guy ya know lol thats why i figured id find a way to post it for free lol