Mustang Performance Handbook 2

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  1. here are a few pics i took from the book on the torque arm to give you guys an idea how detailed the plans are in this book






  2. Uhhh better check again Rbohm,...that link is to the first volume, and that volume contains none of the stuff as detailed in the MPHB 2.

    The book is very rare, and when you find one, it's typically WAAAY more than the 28.00 the original can still be bought for, and more than likely will be in used condition for around 120.00.
    When you open the link, notice that pricing starts at 94.00 for a used book, and new copies sell starting at double that.

    Somebody over at the Corral had scanned and converted their copy to PDF, but the link is all fractured and you can't get it to work.
    Given that the book isn't even in print anymore, I think somebody should be able to offer the damn thing for public use. I tried to find one last year when I started the Fairmont build,...and it was a pain in the ass then.
  3. guys just let me know whats a nice free hosting website where i can put this on in a downloadable pdf form , i might change the title name so only most of us just know
  4. you convert it and upload to dropbox
  5. That's a handy book. I've had it for about 10-15 years now. Helped me build a lot of goodies for my rides.

    The first book is a great (although a little outdated) read too.
  6. you are right, my mistake.
  7. Are you still going to upload to dropbox?
  8. yes i am , i just need to scan it but my scanner broke, so i gotta go buy a new one , as soon as i do it ill post the link up here
  9. I lightly read this book last night.

    As a racer I really enjoyed the sections that described the problems with the Fox Mustang front end geometry and how to correct the problems. I wish there was more comparison to well known, well setup contemporaries besides the Corvette (C4?) though, maybe another front strut car like the BMW 3 series or Nissan Z.

    If you are a straight line guy I don't know if you would get a lot out of this book. The book covers suspension and touches on weight transfer in a few sections but it is likely general information you can get elsewhere. I'm not a drag guy and plan to swap in IRS so didn't read those drag racing sections that closely yet.

    Does anyone have the first volume? Are the engine tuning and setup sections worth buying the book to get or is it all dated information at this point?
  10. i found both books to be quite informative. there is plenty of good detail in both books. some of the information is dated today, but still applicable.
  11. Also, the modifications that the book describes to correct front end geometry... I'm guessing that is basically what Maximum Motorsports does with their custom front subframe/ K-member? Maybe they make other changes? Anyone know? I'll make a phone call when I get to that point.
  12. Did anyone ever find a pdf copy of this? Been looking all over and they are all super expensive $200...
  13. Ass Ole @DTARS, He was the last guy that planned to scan it when and if he ever got his scanner fixed.;)
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  14. Does the book have an ISBN number? If so you can ask your local public library to get you a loaner copy. The Library of Congress maintains copies of every book that was ever copyrighted. Publishers are required by law to furnish copies of the book to the Library of Congress as part of the copyright law. Public libraries can request a loaner from the Library of Congress . There may be some small shipping and handling charges, but they would be much less expensive that buying the book.

    Edit: I found the ISBN number (Google is your friend...) There is a 10 digit format and a 13 digit format
    Mustang Performance Handbook 2
    ISBN-10: 1557882029
    ISBN-13: 978-1557882028

    Mustang Performance Handbook 1
    ISBN-10: 1557881936
    ISBN-13: 9781557881939
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  15. I'm in unfortunately the library of congress route wouldn't work for me - but sounds like a great idea if someone over there was to do this to get a copy in scan it for the rest of us :)
  16. What year models does the book cover?
  17. Didn't you write that book? :D