Mustang Performance Work

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  1. Who does good mustang performance work in the metro area? Better yet, would anyone like to show me how to do my own work over a case of beer? I'm talking easy stuff. (spings, gears, headers, pullies, maybe some intake work.) My main problem is I lack a driveway and sutable tools. (This is what happens when you buy a town house.) :bang:
  2. Sure. I'm not far from you (in Upper Marlboro) and can help you out with some of the work. Tonight I may be helping another Mustang owner finish up a cam install and starting on a clutch install, but Friday we will probably be changing out the intake gaskets on my car, so if you want to swing by let me know.
  3. I don't mind helping out either. You should check out the website for our club based in So. Md. There are alot of guys from your area posting there.

    Also, for a shop, check out Espeut Perfromance. They are in Landover, not far from you. Been in business for about 10 years and specializes in Mustangs. Number to the shop is 301-773-9223. :nice:
  4. Thanks D.K. although Friday might be to soon, I'll have to check with the boss. (read girlfriend) :lock: Also, I don't have any parts handy. Unless I could get them local I would have to order off the internet and wait. I wouldn't mind watching though. What time Friday?

    Thanks too you as well dreddstang. I joined your site last week under the name Blk02gt. Since then I've been trying to read as much as possible, so I don't ask too many dumb questions.

    Thank again, I'll check out that shop.
  5. It probably won't be until 7-7:30 Friday night. We got Joe's car running last night, but we have a few issues that we have to work out tonight, so if you want to swing by and watch or lend a hand, let me know. :nice:
  6. I have some pullys on order, they should be here Thurday. If anyone that has done this before wants to help me out I would be greatful. (Beer involved) I don't have an impact wrench, and I hear this is an absolute must have.

    Also, I was planning on ordering gears. Anyone know how to do this?