Mustang photos

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  1. life is good!!!
  2. Yeah, but we've drooled on those already.

  4. no problem, please post more pics meagan!!! :canada:

  5. I'm done drooling ....

    I want to dribble .... And that takes the Good pictures you have yet to show us ....
  6. Agreed, we need MORE, we have already drooled on those... more with less! :D :rlaugh:

    Why did I click that link ?
  8. wow. I guess you told me. I've never been told I suck before.

    one thing I've noticed about Stangnet is it doesn't matter WHAT you post ... someone will eventually make you feel awful about it.

    I posted my picture in the "post pictures of you this summer" thread and someone made fun of me before editing their reply. I guess because I'm not "young and hot" enough.

    I don't think this is the right place for me. Good luck with your IIs.
  9. Denice, don't let some negative feedback scare you away. You'll find most internet sites will have that kind of stuff. You need to have a thick skin to survive here. Especially with II owners. Remember, it's a two way site, you can give it back too :). Heck, if everyone left here the first time someone was an ass to them, Wart would have driven every member away.

    I'm a little confused on the ebay thing. Is that you in the pics? Are they your auctions? Or was it a joke of some kind?
  10. It's a joke, that's not her.
  11. maybe, maybe not.

    The overall point isn't lost on me.

  12. I really think you should let it go.
  13. Don't worry about it. :shrug: I post pics on that area of the forum and I consider myself "young and hot" and I still get the "your too skinny and ugly" comments. :shrug: Can't please everyone!