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  1. You boys are silly. :p
  2. If it makes you feel any better, I'm a Fat Bastard with a Mini-Mullet. My wife is a fat pig too. We're both in our twenties so we'll probably be super-porkers if we make it to 40. And I own 11 ****ty cars, less than 1/2 are street legal. However, I don't have 10 blood hounds, i do live in a real house (not one that moves with you)and I don't live in Arkansas...... but considered it. (Tired of the tree huggin Greenpeace freaks migrating from California up here) I guess there's always Idaho too... :shrug:

    And yes, Megan is skinny to the point she'd cause a skeleton to become a bulimic.

    So how you feelin? :D
  3. wow... that was taken oddly, considering the link they posted...
  4. my comment was in as good of taste as the pictures posted. sorry, did not mean to offend here. I was too lazy to find the puking smilie, so I wrote that instead. just an off color comment for off color photos.
  5. I cannot believe that you guys would send her back over to .net :nonono: I just don't think they have the expertise over there that is over here.

    From what i remember of the wheel thread, she was a nice looking lady.

    I've always gotten a laugh out of suthrn_girl's listings. Funny stuff.

    I have noticed that the forum has turned into a wasteland of unrelated female-picture-hungry high school mentality posting. Don't get me wrong, I like a good-lookin' lady as much as the next guy (more actually, since the guy next door is gay), but there's LOTS of places to get that "need" filled (or so I'm told) on the net. Why make this one of them? Personally, I think it detracts from the II community. Everything has its' place, but this isn't the place for everything.

    Flame away! :flame:
  6. Okay, I think I read in the II forum rules that each member is allowed to overreact ONCE (and stomp out the door) but if they want to come back, they can. Is that correct? :D

    I just want to make sure it's clear nobody here on the II forum made fun of my picture. That happened in one of the "fun" :rolleyes: Stangnet forums. The Cobraman is right about the general mentality of the rest of Stangnet and that's what bothered me overall, not that they didn't like what I looked like. I'd never really ventured outside the II forum until recently. What a mistake.

    The II forum here is a great resource. There is a lot of II expertise here and I really need help with my car.

    I have about a million II-related questions so if it's okay I'd like to stay.
  7. You haven't been to many general off topic sections of car forums have you? lol
  8. What would be the point? Plenty of jackasses locally, don't need to go online to find them! :rlaugh:

  9. glad to have another II fan here, please stay, and ignore all the stupid comments you encounter. the more people in this forum the better. different views, opinions and ideas are what makes individuals :canada:

    btw, you are a good looking lady based on your photos with your wheels

  10. Naw, yor banished to the land of ... where was that Glen went?

    Truth is you can get pissed off, leave and come back as many times as you want.

    Oh , Dear, Never go out there unarmed.

    Use to be that way in here. Then these new kids show up a few years back and want everything hugs and kisses.

    Oh well.

    It's not that bad, and it has a purpose.

    Just think how bad I would be in here if I didn' thave out htere to vent in.

    Oh, so your just coming back to use us, ???

    I see how you are .... Your just like the rest of them, get what you want then, Boom, You'll stomp off again ... Until you come crawling back when you need me again.

    Ok, Honey , I , uh .. oh, ... we're talking about cars ...

    Yeah, Sure, whatever

    I don't think anyone told you to leave.

    THey tell me to leave all the time.

    I think it pisses some off that I don't .

    And that's reason enough to keep coming back.

  11. We love you too,Wart,
    your our resident Oscar The grouch !

    Like you said, it ain't all hugs and kisses,
    Boy did I ever make a fool of myself on the 5.0 forum one night after a few drinks.

    Anyhow, glad your back Denice.
  12. I want hugs and kisses :(
  13. We Know !
  14. Bah, go play with your shifter! :D