mustang pinewood derby car?

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  1. last year i owned a C3 corvette, so when it came time to make my littlest son's car for cubscouts, he wanted a vette and i made one using my car as the model:

    actual car:

    well, as you can guess, this year we have a mustang and he wants that. anyone tried this before or have any decent ideas where to start?

    my oldest son has to more or less make his own to preserve the spirit of the project and he is making a pick-up truck.
  2. Hell yeah we are making pinewood derby cars at my house this weekend also!
  3. guess i'm in a minority here with cub scouts?

    it gets uglier every time i try to add more paint, but here is the progress without wheels:

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    ps... for my big kid's truck, i was going for a late 70's datsun 720
  4. I just stumbled upon your post and my son just had his PWD last week. We did a 66 Fastback and a 63 Vette. I cut out the general shapes and he and I used a Dremel to carve the rest. I am glad you went with a Mustang.
    He ran the Vette and took third. I ran the Fastback in the open class and didn't do nearly as well. He was happy, so I was happy. Good luck in your PWD.
  5. The event is called "Cub Car Rally" up here. Will be getting into it next year as my boy is just a third year Beaver this year (not sure if you have Beavers in the States?) and will be in Cubs next year.

    Please, no jokes!
  6. Funny, I just helped my son build one.

    It really did not look like much of a car. Since he was supposed to do the majority of the work. I made the basic shape and sent him off with some sand paper. Guess he got distracted and did not do too much work on it.

    Anyways, he got 2nd in the weablo class. I did not have a chance to buy a car, so I did not participate.

    The biggest lesson I learned from making the car, is that I do not have any wood working tools.