Mustang Power Window Kit Installation Video 1965-1968

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  1. Mustang Power Window Kit With Crank Handle Switches Coupe 1967-1968 | CJ Pony Parts

    The Power Window Kits with crank handle switches available at CJ Pony Parts will fit 1965-1968 Mustangs. With one of these power window kits, you can transform your windows yet maintain the factory look and feel!

    The kits come with everything you need to convert to a custom power window setup, including new power regulators, AC Delco motors, power crank handle switches for original window cranks, a complete and labeled wiring harness, as well as conduit to protect the wires traveling through the doors.

    With Bill's instructions, you can now install this window kit yourself! The new power window regulators are designed to bolt directly into the original mounting holes with little to no modifications and will use the original glass channels. The original window cranks mount directly on to the new power crank handle switches the same way they would mount on to the factory manual window regulators.

    Make sure you follow the steps in our installation video closely, and expect the project to take up to three hours.

    Mustang Power Window Kit, Coupe 1965-1966:
    Mustang Power Window Kit With Crank Handle Switches Coupe 1965-1966 | CJ Pony Parts

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