Mustang + Ranger = 5 lugs!

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  1. Hey Guys!,
    I've got an 85 ranger, 4x4 2.8 and 5 speed and would the rearend axles fit right in the rear with a little trimming? or not? since I want to swap over to 5 lug and I would of course go to the Grande rotors, but I would like to just switch the axles if I could. And this topic has come up a few times, but I'm still foggy with the rear end options. Can someone elaborate on this? thanks!

  2. In my opinion, the most efficient way to get five lugs is to purchase five lug rotors from a hot rod shop, ebay, or MustangsUnlimited (about $49.00 each) for the front. For the rear, have a machine shop weld and redrill your stock axles for five lug (cost varies- should be less than $100.00). You can use the ranger rear drums with your re-drilled II axles.

    P.S. Granada rotors won't work unless you relocate your calipers- they're too big. You can get a bracket to do this- just saw a set on ebay for $75.00
  3. Here's a site with some good info on conversions that I stumbled across:

    Click on the "Mustang II..." on the top of the page, also has good info on those looking for a 9"

  4. A couple problems that arose when I swapped to Maverick shafts:

    The length is fine, but the housing end /backing plate pattern is different on the II.

    You cannot simply swap the II bearing retainers onto the maverick shafts, they will not clear the shaft where the bearing is pressed on. You'll have to either have the Mav shafts turned to the II size so the II retainers (and bearings) will go on, or "modify" the housing/backing plates to work.

    Attempting to upgrade to a larger rear brake will produce the same issues with housing/baking plate pattern.

    It would appear that the II does not share any outer components with any other 8 inch rear, including the gaskets between the housing/backing plate.

    Like many have said, best bet is to have the axles redrilled.

  5. What year of Ranger???? :shrug:
  6. It shouldn't matter, at least up until 92. I don't know about after that, but up until 92 the Ranger only came with 2 drum sizes. 9" or 10" Most of the Rangers with the 4.0 had the 10" drums, and most of the other V6 Rangers had the 9" drums. Some of the early 4-banger Rangers used a weaker 6.75" diff, and I can't recall for sure if those drums were the same 9", but I THINK they were. And other than MAYBE the 6.75 rear, the actual axle size doesn't matter. The drums and backing plates on the Ranger 7.5 and 8.8 are interchangeable. And ALL stock Rangers were 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern