Fox Mustang Rsx

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  1. Stumbled upon this Mustang RSX concept while screwing around on the interwebz. Looks like something @madmike1157 would cook up


  2. now thats a crazy concept?...wonder if its rear wheel drive at
  3. I THINK that was a concept to be eligible for Group B rally racing. I might be wrong. But, seriously, what could have competed with the RS2000 back in the day?
  4. got a little Back to the Future in it too....
  5. now thats one concept car that really deserved the crusher.
  6. Wow is that thing hideous!
  7. think back now, it was a concept car back in 1979!
  8. I had a real mach one in 1979. I wasn't into my hack em up stage back then.
    I would've only looked at that car long enough to become nauseated, then puke on it.
  9. Looks like something Robocop would drive. That being said.... I like it!