mustang salvage yards

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  1. I am trying to put together a mustang only salvage yard(or junk yard) list. i know so many people looking for parts for there mustangs. any and all would be apreciated.

    names, numbers, and city if not address.

    I'll start
    JACKSON NJ 08527
  2. HOLY **** DUDE.... I didnt even know there was a mustang yard in NJ how are their prices????:nice:
  3. CJ Pony Parts
    7481 Allentown Blvd.
    Harrisburg, PA 17112
    (717) 657-9252

    there's also a place on rt. 100 around Exton, PA that I can't think of the name of. I think that place deals more with classic stangs, but mustang JY nonetheless
  4. yeah adam, they are pretty good about having most everything for fox and up stangs. Prices are what you would expect to pay for everything.

    Keep'em coming. I am going to put together a little page listing all of these so we can keep our cars running
  5. Connecticut mustang
    5 Grant st
    stratford Ct,06615

    Talk to Bob.
  6. excellent idea...I don't think there's any in Ontario, but maybe some of my fellow countrymen know something I don't
  7. Eddyson Enterprises
    3335 Northwest 48th Street, Miami, FL 33142
    (305) 638-5534
    business profile | phonephone | map

    Here is one in Miami Fl.
  8. Bluegrass Mustang Unlimited---------- Don Barrys Classics Inc
    15 Shelby Lane------------ ------------- 5800 France Ave.
    Grayson, KY 41143------------ --------- Jacksonville, FL 32254
    606-474-7790/606-475-0667--------- 904-783-2020

    Dont Buy From Adkins Auto (Mark Adkins)
    Miller, OH---Everything ford, but wont sell if he needs it, or doesnt like how you dress, he's a real ---head. left me and a few of my buddies in a bind numerous times.

    Aynthing Near WV?
  9. Valley Mustang Auto Parts & Salvage
    11401 Pendleton
    Sun Valley, CA 91352
    (818) 768-0407

    Edit: I'm a really big fan of this thread by the way. Very good idea.
  10. thanx guys. may be a good idea to make it a Sticky.

    I am making this page for school. I figured if i have to make a webpage it might as well be usefull. keep them coming buddies.
  11. Place that just opened up this year. They have salvage parts, whole cars, and aftermarket parts as well.

    Bob Cossell's Mustang
    801 Old Brick road P.O. box 276
    West Alexander, PA 15376
    Phone: 724-484-0400


    These guys had a display set up at a bigger local show this summer, and they had some good stuff. I came about an inch away from buying a crystal white 98 cobra hood that needed paint, but thoughts of an '00 R hood kept the money in my pocket.

    Best part is, they're located about 25 minutes from my house :banana:
  12. American Camaro and Firebird Auto Parts.
    5932 NW 39th Expressway.
    Warr Acres OK 73122
    (its mainly gm, but they sell mustang parts also owner is Gary)
  13. i gotta bump this...i need a lil more then what you guys gave me. anybody PLEASE
  14. There's a place called the Mustang Ranch in Wrentham, Massachusetts.
    They have a junkyard with Mustangs from 1964 to 1992. I am not sure if they have any 93-06 Mustangs there.
  15. This place is called mid-County Mustangs
  16. man, i think i am going to go check out that first one posted in NJ like, next decent day.

    is there any fee to get in?
  17. Mustang Ranch Of Fresno-559-268-7669.
    mostly 93-earlier new and used parts,as well as complete and restored mustangs.