mustang salvage yards

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  1. Mustang Wrecking

    Crossroads Classic Mustang
    Ontario, CA Riverside, CA (Inland Empire-Southern California)

    Mustang Village
    Rialto, CA (Inland Empire-Southern California)
  2. Any one know of any mustang salvage yards near northwest florida.
  3. ... or Indiana!? ... i never see anything on here about Indiana.. am i the only one from this area?
  4. not really a junkyard but hes got the parts for the classics and sometimes 90s stuff its near regency sq mall in jax fl 9047243927
  5. I live in pembroke pines, FL. Does Eddyson Enterprises sell cobra rear bumper covers for my 1993 mustang GT?
  6. Not the only one, but I don't know of any place either. lol
  7. I think everyones best bet is mps-salvage,
    if you want to get in touch with them here...

    We buy, sell, Trade Mustangs!

    Open Monday - Friday 8am-5pm EST.

    Open Most Saturdays 8am-2pm EST.

    Call 770-867-2644

    Or Toll Free 1-800-236-1156

    Also see our EBAY Store mpsautosalvage.

    Shipping Address:
    592 Barrow Park Dr.
    Winder, GA 30680
    Fax: 770-307-0403
  8. i live in Montclair. i noticed we got a couple in our local LA/SB area. im looking for a used 8.8 any one around me know of anyone selling one? hit me up! :)
  9. Midwest Mustang

    2401 Ponderosa Drive Lawrence, KS 66046-5073 - (785) 749-3131

    This one is only about 20 minutes from me.

    I also buy and part out mustangs from 94-04 myself. Have about 6 right now with parts. Don't have a yard yet.....but maybe someday.
  10. Any chance you have a decent shifter bezel for a 94'-95'. Mine's toast.

  11. i happen to work for mark at adkins auto parts and if you come in with a chip on your shoulder then dont complain if you get treated that way we go out of our way to help you guys get what you need ive seen him order parts and not make a dime just to help people find parts for there car. come in and see us will try to get what you need. miller ohio adkins auto parts 7408865095
  12. I know it's a bit late, but:

    Bob's Mustang Village
    Fowler Drive
    Pensacola, Florida

    (Don't have the rest of the info at this second, I'll edit when I find it.)
  13. You're a bit late on this one (few years). But the parts will sell no matter what I guess. :p