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  1. Sorry to link you guys to a GM board, but this is important.

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    "It's blown... The rumor, the cover, and the engine.

    Not too much to report, and no pics, but I thought it might make for interesting conversation, what with all the '08 "Chevy Coupe" being announced and everything.

    An entourage of the Mustang's 40th got a special invite to the AAI facility, and actually were asked to hold their quarterly Board of Director's meeting there. (Nice touch by the AAI management to snuggle-up to the folks that will be buyers and promoters of their future product IMO.) There are several pics and stories floating about regarding the new line and tooling that is being run-in as we speak (or read).

    Most interesting to me was that a small group from Hot Rod magazine was invited to Ford's SVT Headquarters for a tour/interview. One of the keen eyes in the group was able to ID a blown 5.4 in an 05 Mustang GT body. It's rumored that it was a duplicate of the 5.4 used in the Ford GT, but slightly detuned to a rumored 500hp. They repeatedly asked questions about the car to 2 SVT reps and their guide, but got bad stares and "no comment" for answers, and "let's move along". There is a small write-up in this month's magazine about the tour and the sighting.
    They are speculating it is the '06 SVT Cobra.
    I think not.

    Also, Kalitta appears to be the first to field an 05 Mustang race car in action. His cars are completing wind tunnel work, and should be seen in action as soon as next month. Steeda is also about ready to roll out their new 05 body work and SCCA cars.

    Ford has really gone on the hush-hush about their SE projects for the last few months - since the 05's official debut at the 40th celebration in fact. They are very busy, but VERY quiet too. In the mean time, I am enjoying the Chevy Coupe and DCX news.

    So let the rumors start flying!"

    P.S. - I have no idea how valid this is.
  2. Lots of rumors going around, I thought the Ford GT engine in the next Cobra idea was dead :shrug: The latest rumor that came out of SVT was that they were trying for a 400HP+ N/A engine. Who knows it is still over 2 years away and SVT has so many engine choices anything could happen.
  3. Interesting...

    The next SVT Mustang engine? Probably not.

    The next SVT R Mustang? Perhaps... :D

    That is also consistent with limiting the use of the more expensive-to-produce 4V to the more limited production vehicles.(GT, R)
  4. There are lots of rumors as always but anything can happen. Probably next year sometime we'll start knowing the facts. :D