MUSTANG Season....!

Discussion in '1965 - 1973 Classic Mustangs -General/Talk-' started by 65stanger, Jun 24, 2004.

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  1. Yesterday afternoon on my way home from an appointment I was stopped in traffic next to a really nice looking '67 Shelby, the REAL deal, not a movie clone wanna be........:nice:
    Today I saw a '67 vert cruising with it's top down!:nice::nice:
    Not to mention my neighbor is out and about in his '68 GT, or the '67 coupe up the road (it's for sale!), that has just been re-done...........

    All these nice 'stangs just make me want to go cruising in mine!!!
  2. Wabbit season!

    (btw, what color shelby? I know a few in Eastern LI, may be one of the Dupree boys if it was either Red, white, or green)
  3. DUCK season!

    The Shelby was blue with white stripes....I saw it in Port Jefferson.....

    The '67 vert was red with a white top, and the '67 coupe that is for sale is a pale metallic lime green.........
  4. Wabbit season!

    Was the car fresh, or older, and how old was the driver?
  5. Duck season!

    The car looked as if it has been driven a few times, the driver appeared to be in his mid to late thirties..............short blondish hair...... :shrug:
  6. still Wabbitt season!

    Nope, must be a new arrival, or one not out too much!
  7. Duck season!

    dunno! :shrug:
    car shor was purdy tho' :D
  8. Elmer season.
  9. [Nelson voice]HA ha![/Nelson voice] :lol:
  10. "Wabbit Season"

    (Mel Blanc Voice)
  11. "Thuffering thuccotath!!!"

    (jumping up & down Mel Blanc voice)
  13. Rabbit season.
  14. Ha Ha!

    You aint doing that old switcheroo here!

    Wabbit Season!

    (in my best Daffy Duck voice!)
  15. :shrug: season.
  16. I've actually seen at least 10 classic stangs just in the past couple of weeks. And today at the dollar store, I found a 1:64 die cast 67 fastback. It's not a coupe, but it was only $1 so I picked it up anyway.

    And BTW,


  17. Hmmmmm...that might explain the wabbit lying in my driveway yesterday.......................:scratch:
  18. I dont think ANYONE has pulled up at a light next to one of those done to death , pesky movie clone wanna be,'s :rolleyes: I saw a pretty nice red 67 GT500 leaving a local classic car show. It was beautiful. I told the old guy that he should make her into Eleanor ... :rlaugh:
    Heres a pic of it..
  19. Duck Season!
  20. My buddy over at Ford calls me at least once a week tellin' me there's a car show down in one of the lots around World HQ, and tellin' me about this mint car and that mint car and this one that's for sale. His favorite thing to do, is to go stand by the driveway, and when they take off and get on the throttle, he'll hold his phone out so I can hear it...more so to rub it in since I'm stuck in the office! :mad:

    btw - WABBIT SEASON!

    Anybody remember this Ozzy Fudd classic:

    I'm wabbit swayer
    And a guitar pwayer
    Got a nasty habbit

    Full lyrics HERE
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